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We believe that fashion can be luxurious without using leather or fur. Our Fur-Free-Fur is a no compromise, modern statement that demonstrates what the future of fashion looks like today.

Fashion is built on heritage. But we are a modern brand.


Why are we using and promoting Fur-Free-Fur? Because being modern means evolving and discovering new ways of using alternative materials. Because we want to promote a cruelty-free and ethical philosophy. Because it means moving away from the old and creating the new.

“I think that the fashion industry can get away with a lot and it is getting away with murder. Fur is the most unnecessary thing in the world. Those animals are not eaten, if they try to pretend that the fur industry products are by-products they are not. Those animals are bred to be turned into coats.” – Stella McCartney, 2016, Broadly

Why we only use Fur-Free-Fur

There is no denying it, fur is cruel. 85% of the fur industry’s skins come from animals living in captivity in fur factory farms.¹ These are farms that hold thousands of animals, in most often very poor conditions. Like most intensive-confinement animal farms, the welfare of the animals is not always the first thought, profit is.

As well as being cruel to animals, fur requires numerous toxic chemicals for preservation and dyeing, which can be extremely harmful for the natural environment and workers.

How we are making a statement

We have stood by our commitment to never use real fur since our launch in 2001.

The decision to include faux fur in our designs however, has not been made without much debate. We are proud to have created a product that looks and feels like real fur without any of the cruelty factor, but remain equally aware that we do not want to promote fur because of our product’s great likeness to it. Ultimately we concluded that by offering a luxury Fur-Free-Fur product that is such a good alternative to real fur we are proving that no animal needs to be harmed for fashion and that is an important message for us. We even have a ‘Fur-Free-Fur’ label on the outside of the garment just in case there is any doubt!

What is Fur-Free-Fur made of?

The journey to fur-free fashion does come with challenges. We work with a few select mills that produce our materials in an environmentally sound way. We are conscious that the product itself is non-biodegradable, made from either acrylic, polyester, wool or mohair. We therefore encourage customers to care for their items and be responsible with their garments, never throwing them away. Luxury does not mean landfill – it means forever.



¹ “Fur Farming”, International Fur Trade Federation

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