post The next chapter with BOLT Threads: Mylo material, rooted in nature

In the next stage of our partnership with BOLT Threads, we are excited to unveil a new biomaterial grown from mycelium: an underground root structure. The first of our products to be created out of the new Mylo material is the iconic Falabella bag that will be exhibited at the Victoria & Albert’s new London exhibition, ‘Fashioned from Nature’.


This new material made from mycelium is another breakthrough in creating the next generation of advanced materials and cutting-edge textiles. Mylo looks and feels like hand-crafted leather. It has a supple, natural feel, and every sheet yields unique variations in thickness, making each product one-of-a-kind.

Mycelium is composed of billions of cells which form a 3D mesh on a micro-scale. It forms vast networks of threads that help recycle organic matter on the forest floor while providing nutrients to plants and trees. The threads interweave and self-assemble into a 3D matrix that can spread for miles. It is vital to our ecosystem and infinitely renewable, which makes it ideal ingredient for an innovative material like Mylo.

This leather-like material is made by combining mycelium cells with a substrate of corn stalks and nutrients. Over 10 days the cells grow into the substrate, creating an interconnected mass that can be made into almost any size. The quality of the resulting material depends on factors such as environment, nutrients and how it is tanned. We avoid the use of toxic chemicals in the dying of our Mylo material.

Our dedication to sustainable fashion brought us together with BOLT Threads, a breakthrough biotech company, to create the next generation of advanced luxury materials. We first set our sights on a vegan silk, which BOLT were able to create using yeast. Solution oriented, this process reduces pollution, creates long-term sustainability, and always remains cruelty-free.

No animals are used or harmed in producing Mylo, making it a much cleaner, greener material than animal leather.

We are hugely pleased to be showing these new materials – Microsilk and Mylo – at the V&A’s upcoming exhibition ‘Fashioned from Nature’ as a platform for innovation. The pioneering exhibition is a first for the UK, exploring the relationship between fashion and nature and presenting dress from 1600 to present day alongside natural history specimens.
We are also lending products made from our sustainable viscose and recycled nylon.

You can learn more about our sustainable materials here >

* ‘Fashion from Nature’ at the Victoria & Albert Museum runs from 21st April.

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