BioPuff® : Plant-based, feather-free insulation

We have ever used feathers in our padding and are constantly looking for plant-based, regenerative alternatives that do not harm animals and heal Mother Earth. That is BioPuff® – a truly regenerative insulation crafted from bulrushes that are actively contributing to wetland regeneration. We used it in the padding of our iconic Falabella, with this exclusive style launching as part of our Autumn 2024 collection

This innovative insulation, which reduces reliance on feathers and synthetic fillers, is lightweight, warm, puffy and naturally water repellent. It is also cruelty-free and traceable all the way from bulrush-to-bag. Ponda, the innovators of BioPuff®, partners with farmers to cultivate typha latifolia on damaged wetlands. This incredible semi-aquatic plant thrives in freshwater or slightly brackish marshes, making it the ultimate low-maintenance crop for wetland farming. This is paludiculture – marshfarming! 

The BioPuff® found in our iconic Falabella began its journey on a regenerated wetland in Cambridgeshire, England called The Great Fen. This fibre source has enabled a reduction in carbon emissions, provided spaces for biodiversity to be boosted and will help build climate resilience to both droughts and flooding. 

Ponda is a biomaterials company developing novel textiles from truly regenerative fibres – connecting the regeneration of some of our most precious ecosystems to the production of responsible materials for the textiles industry. Its values are aligned with our own, with a mission to empower fashion brands to weave regeneration into their collections