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We are proud to launch the new World of Sustainability, a platform entirely dedicated to telling you about our sustainable practices and our journey to operating as a modern and responsible business.

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Visual concept

A new visual identity has been imagined by contemporary photographer Viviane Sassen. Our goal is to convey the symbiotic nature of humans, nature and animals and illustrate that in order to fully protect and care for ourselves we must also nurture and protect the world that we live in as we are one and the same. Through this visual language, we hope to highlight our many innovative and forward-thinking sustainable practices.

Viviane has exhibited in renowned galleries such as the Photographer’s Gallery and Institute of Contemporary Art in London. Her work spans across art and fashion, demonstrating ideas about abstraction and objects in relation to their often-incongruous surroundings. There is a tangible element of fantasy in Viviane’s work – evident in the new film shot as part of our World of Sustainability. The words of poet Maria Barnas from her poem ‘To Nurture, To Nature’ – specially conceived for this project – are recited over the film bringing a new mood to our conversation around sustainability.

Materials & innovations

The materials we use are key to our efforts in operating as a sustainable business and supporting the transition to a circular economy. For each of our materials we are working on building modern and transparent supply chains, embracing innovation. From using non-leather alternatives to integrating recycled nylon into our designs and innovating new ways of creating silk, you can now read everything about the sustainable materials we use.

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“Each decision we make is a symbol of our commitment to defining what the future of fashion looks like.” – Our Mission

Circularity and collaborations

We work with a whole network of collaborators who help us achieve our sustainability goals and ambitions for a restorative economy.

We believe that the future of fashion is circular – it will be restorative and regenerative by design and the clothes we love never end up as waste. That concept is fundamental to our operating as a modern business.

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 We will continue evolving the platform as an open resource for learning and knowledge sharing – watch this space!

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