post Tori Sails to the COP

Activist, Extinction Rebellion member and star of our Winter ’19 campaign Tori Tsui is setting sail to Chile for COP25, and Stella is behind her all the way.

With a single long-haul flight generating more carbon emissions than the average person does in their life in a single year, getting on a plane can be one of the most harmful things you can do to our planet. And it shows no signs of stopping, with air travel predicted to double in the next 20 years. Tori Tsui and over 30 young activists want to remind you of that, and much more.

We first met Tori when she was street cast at a protest against climate change for our Winter ’19 campaign, and were inspired by her passionate fight for climate justice. Stella is incredibly proud to be sponsoring her journey to COP25 in Chile and raising further awareness of the important message that she is sending along the way—we must find more sustainable ways to travel, or Mother Earth will not be able to cope with the impact.

Tori departs from The Netherlands today, October 2nd, and embarks upon a journey of almost two months, due to arrive in Rio de Janiero on November 20th. COP25, the 25th United Nations Climate Change Conference, will take place in Santiago, Chile, from the 2nd till the 13th of December, where she will join thousands of other activists and continue to lobby for change. This conference is a crucial moment in our history where countries across the world will again come together to find a way to limit the global temperature increase and prevent irreversible climate chaos. A global issue, that requires global action.

Support Tori on her journey via the Stella McCartney Instagram, where we will receive regular updates on her travels. She will be answering some important questions and sharing vital information on how you can play your part in saving the planet. We might not all be able to sail across the world, but by listening up and acting consciously, we are standing right by her side.


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