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Beatles Inspired Kids Wear

The fun and fantastical Beatles film ‘Yellow Submarine’ comes to life for kids in our new ‘All Together Now’ collection, teaching them about the power of love, music and friendship.

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Filled with iconic characters, comedy and kaleidoscopic colour, the 1969 animated film ‘Yellow Submarine’ has a youthful energy that was made for Kids. Its uplifting message of togetherness is an important one to instil at a young age, and after attending a screening of the film for its 50th anniversary last year, Stella was inspired to reimagine it for a new generation.

Featuring nods to imagery and costumes from ‘Yellow Submarine’, the collection is brimming with pieces that kids will love to dress up in. Outerwear takes the form of military jackets, drum-shaped accessories are adorned with ‘Sergeant Pepper’ graphics, staples are decorated with spirited Blue Meanies and bright embroidery makes a statement on bombers.

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Femke Huurdeman

The campaign film for the Beatles inspired collection  tells the story of a group of kids who come together after school for their music club, where they can dance, play and be themselves. Dutch filmmaker Femke Huurdeman directed the film, and she chats to us about the experience, The Beatles and her career in our interview below.

How did you get started in filmmaking?

I studied Fashion Branding in Amsterdam and that’s where I realised, during a fashion film project, that film was a craft where a lot of different disciplines come together. I remember feeling such a strong passion for it and realising I chose the wrong study to get me to what I really felt like doing, which was directing. But in the end, I’m still doing what I love most, there is not just one route to arrive somewhere.

You studied in Amsterdam before your work went global. How do you think The Netherlands and your upbringing have influenced your work?

I grew up in a small village, in a tiny house in The Netherlands. There wasn’t much to do and my parents always encouraged us to play outside, so there was a lot of room for inventing games. My imagination would run wild. I think I never really lost that ability to have a strong imagination.

The new collection is a celebration of The Beatles and Yellow Submarine’s message of peace, love and togetherness. Why do you feel this message is so relevant today?

Such a timeless message, but definitely in times like this, now the world seems more divided and more individualistic than ever, it’s very important to remember the things that really matter. When something negative is arising, we need a strong opposite, that speaks up and shows that love is the way to go.

What is your favourite Beatles song?

That almost as hard as the question, what is your favourite film. But the first that came to my mind is Eleanor Rigby, very dreamy, and puts me in a melancholic mood.

What do you love about working with kids?

Children have a way of thinking, associating and acting that is very inventive, original and natural. When working with them, I always try to capture them as they are, without making them act or pose, because they naturally do the best things by themselves.

Where do you go to be inspired?

It’s either my bedroom or anything nature-related. After a busy week or project, I always need plenty of alone time to recharge and disconnect from the world. It depends a bit on my mood, I also love watching people, animals.

Does music inspire your work? What are you listening to right now?

Definitely, maybe I can’t point out a direct link immediately but I think the two worlds are very much linked. Right now, I am obsessed with the new Tyler the Creator album. It’s so good! Billie Eilish and Tierra Wack are on my playlist too, love them.

What’s your favourite piece from the collection?

I love the kids knit cape with the trumpets, probably because it was the only piece I could try on in the fitting and actually fit my head in it. Also, the boy’s two-piece with the blue meanies is banging. But to be honest, I would probably wear anything from the collection if it was my size, it’s really cool.

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