post Stella Kids learn to save our forests with The Lonely Tree

The next chapter in our playful and educational campaign series, our latest Stella Kids film turns trees into leafy friends while helping kids learn more about the importance of our forests.

Did you know that deforestation accounts for up to 18% of our carbon emissions? With every tree that falls, more climate-altering carbon is released into our atmosphere. This why Stella Kids, our mini change agents, need to learn about the importance of conserving our forests. Our friend Mr. Tree show’s little ones how lonely he has been after losing all of his tree friends, as we do our bit to grow him, and ourselves, a happier future.

The campaign film is made for the whole family, educating adults with informative facts while taking kids on a little journey of discovery. Here at Stella, we do our part to end deforestation by using eco-friendly fabrics like sustainable viscose, which is a natural fibre sourced from certified forests to ensure that no ancient and endangered forests are destroyed and animal habitats are protected. Learn more about sustainable viscose here.

Discover the collection, filled with sustainable fabrics, online today, and follow our Instagram for more on the ‘Lonely Tree’ series.

For other educational videos from the campaign, watch our ‘Unhappy Fish’ and ‘Litter Bug’ films.

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