Spring Summer 2020 lingerie

A Californian sunset for Spring Summer 2020 lingerie

A dusky Californian sunset on the beach and starring Abrielle Stedman and Marquette Fullow, our Spring Summer 2020 lingerie campaign is a celebration of life.

Spring-summer 2020 lingerie

With pretty, sculptural, contouring shapewear and luxurious pyjamas, the new collection is a sophisticated mix of strong and soft, playful and sporty and vintage and modern.

Spring-summer 2020 lingerie
Spring-summer 2020 lingerie

Inspired by vintage shapewear, Yasmen Grooving contours the body with flocked polka dots who’s three dimensional look adds a touch of sophistication and modernity. As with Margot Racing, a selection of lustrous black and white pyjamas, they can be worn as day or nightwear.

spring-summer 2020 lingerie
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