It’s About F*cking Time: Our Winter 2024 runway show

Stella McCartney’s Winter 2024 runway show was a powerful message from Mother Earth. Presented in a glasshouse at Parc André Citroën, the beauty of nature served as the background – crisp blue skies, endless sunshine and urban greenery.

Both a collection and an advocation, the Winter 2024 show began with a manifesto read by celebrated Oscar-winning actors Olivia Colman and Helen Mirren, mouthed by the lips of eco activists and displayed on sustainable screens crafted from recycled and sustainable materials.

Focusing on the foundations we are celebrated for, our inspiration began with an activist and voice for Mother Earth — Stella McCartney herself. Pulling from her personal archive, life and design DNA, we curated a wardrobe of iconic pieces free from leather, feathers, fur and exotic skins – 90% of which are crafted from responsible materials. This Is a wardrobe of pieces Stella loves to wear; a return to the essence of our classic woman, with exaggerated proportions, elevated textures and Earth-friendly innovations flooded the runway.

Inspired by the Winter 2024 manifesto, a limited-edition edit centred around the collections lips motif is available to shop fresh off the runway – symbolic of womanhood, sensuality and activism. The lips also serve as a cheeky allusion to Stella’s role as a voice of Mother Earth.

With the collection inspired by Stella and her life, it was only natural that the front row include her father Paul McCartney, sister Mary McCartney, brother James McCartney and ‘Uncle’ Ringo Starr. Other guests included M.I.A., Naomie Harris, Paris Jackson, Jameela Jamil, Ashley Graham, Charlotte Rampling, Derek Blasberg and Kai Isaiah Jamal, whose lips were featured in the opening manifesto.

Winter 2024 revisits established silhouettes and elevates them with an antithetical twist – the uptight meets the bourgeois, sensibility is fused with comfort and overt sexiness confronts the reserved.

Referencing Linda McCartney’s wardrobe, padding brings strong shapes to women’s drape-sleeved dresses and gowns with dramatic trains, while strong-shouldered polo shirts are united with bodysuits woven from responsibly sourced wool.

Croc trench coats and skirts are constructed from UPPEAL™️ – an apple-based vegan alternative to animal skins – treated in leather tanneries, without any harmful or carcinogenic chemicals, to achieve the look, feel and smell of real leather – this helps to keeps the craft alive, and the artisans employed, without harming animals.

Coating and knitwear are handmade from patchworked melanges of responsibly sourced wool; exclusive brushed yarns create new textures and brushed wool is panelled into cable-knit rollnecks.

This season introduced ready to wear in YATAY B – a biobased alternative to animal leather that blends agricultural waste and recycled materials together, creating crackled, cruelty-free white skirts and trench coats belted at the waist. A spongy, vegan leather alternative takes the form of volume biker jackets, hand-treated to create a vintage feel.

Circular lead-free crystal rivets and metallic snaps deliver elevated embellishment, while infinitely recyclable hammered aluminium sequins and lead-free crystal constructs form dresses and decorative elements on tailoring, shoes and bags. Diamantés link satin vests at the bust and structure the halter of mini dresses, while handmade tassels give movement to vegan leather alternative jackets and evening essentials.

Models were shrouded in hand-knit loops of responsible alpaca yarn. Hybrid jumpers fuse two knits into one, while distressed separates are spun in regenerated cashmere with bold shoulders and slouchy outlines.

Denim sees bouclé cut from regenerative cotton, panels of heritage chestnut tailoring fabrics and embellishments including silver popper side details, studs and hammered aluminium sequins outlining chaps.

Iconic Falabella bags are seen in an infinite range of materials; caged in repurposed deadstock chains, spun in regenerative cotton bouclé denim, embellished with lead-free crystal and painted with Airlite – a pioneering environmentally friendly technology that actively purifies the air.

Stella Studs are new for Winter 2024 – an oversized tote cut from vegan alternatives to leather and apple-based embossed croc, footwear unveils Ryder loafers with sculptural, jewellery-inspired details and exaggerated Elsa pointed pumps.