Bananatex®: Banana Plant-Based Low-Impact Fibre

Continuing our mission to develop material innovations that are not only cruelty free but also positively impact the environment, we have proudly partnered with Bananatex® – the world’s first biodegradable*, vegan material innovation that fully embodies our circular and nature-positive values.

What is Bananatex®?

Bananatex® is the world’s first-ever durable, waterproof and plastic-free fabric made entirely from banana plants, first launched in October 2018. Cultivated in the Philippines in a natural ecosystem without chemical treatments, it supports reforestation and local farmers and communities.

The pioneering material innovation is vegan, 100% natural and plastic-free. It debuts in our Logo series on the timeless tote bag, embroidered in our Fungi Forest toile de Jouy print. Bananatex® is made from naturally grown Abacá banana plants – a self-sufficient plant, meaning their growth requires zero intervention of pesticides or fertilisers.

How is Bananatex® made?

Bananatex® is a material innovation fully aligned with our Stella values and vision – committing to producing collections and pieces that do not harm people, our fellow creatures or the planet.

The Abacá plant is abundant; it has several stalks that can be harvested once annually and that regenerate fully within a year. Abacá bananas serve as nutritious foods for surrounding biodiversity and its stalks can be turned into yarn – formulating the primary source of Bananatex® fibre.

Its tensile strength and durability enables it to produce a luxurious, high-quality, cotton-like canvas, while remaining entirely plastic-free and waterproof. Once the stalks are harvested, the Abacá plant’s leaves naturally decompose, creating an all-natural fertiliser.

This method of production allows the Abacá banana plant to positively contribute to reforestation in areas of the Philippines that were once monocultural palm plantations. Instead, these spaces are now flourishing with biodiversity and natural life, whilst improving the livelihoods of local farmers.

Developed over years of extensive research, Bananatex® balances environmental, economic and social sustainability and is a revolutionary material that is 100% natural, plastic free, durable and made from banana plants.

What are Bananatex®’s commitments?

Bananatex® has achieved Cradle to Cradle® Gold Certification – the most advanced standard globally for products that are safe, circular and responsibly made. This acknowledgment affirms Bananatex®’s commitment to protect the natural environment and support the communities the brand engages with. Bananatex® is certified Cradle to Cradle® Gold through the technical cycle – the fabric can be processed back into pulp and then into paper which can become yarn. According to Bananatex®, it also accomplishes industrial compostability, as well as biodegrading in marine environments (ocean water).

An open-source project, Bananatex® is a truly circular and nature-positive alternative to synthetic materials and alternatives to animal leather. It is fully biodegradable* at the end of its life.

Which of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals does Bananatex® support?

  • 3. Good Health and Wellbeing
  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production
  • 13. Climate Action
  • 15. Life on Land


* ISO 14851: ‘Determination of the ultimate aerobic biodegradability of plastic materials in an aqueous medium. Method by measuring the oxygen demand in a closed respirometer’, state of April 2019, modified for marine conditions using a natural seawater inoculum. After 112 days of incubation, biodegradability accounted for 96.1 ± 3.6%. Test conditions are results are summarised in test report no. 19420/2-5, issued 19 July 2022 by ISEGA Forschungs und Untersuchungsgesilschaft mbH Aschaffenburg, Germany.