post STELLA Fragrance Q&A with Stella

Reimagined with a fresh new look including a campaign starring Lara Stone, the STELLA fragrance remains a sensual combination of floral rose and sultry amber notes inspired by our enduring fascination with contrasts and contradictions.


What first inspired you to create STELLA?

I wanted to create a fragrance that was traditional, reflecting my English heritage while at the same time I wanted to blend my favourite scents by playing with contrasts and oppositions as I do in my fashion.

What sort of scent did you seek to create?

For STELLA, I wanted something delicate and feminine, the rose, to be mixed with something intense and more masculine, amber, contrasting fragility and strength. STELLA was my very first fragrance, it bears my name and expresses a vision of a modern, confident femininity that I still cherish and believe in today.

What inspirations feed into your bottle designs?

I love perfume bottles. Creating a bottle is a journey, a story made up of memories. I wanted to create something that would last forever. It should be something so precious that you don’t ever want to throw it away, and that you hand onto your loved ones.

How does the STELLA woman differ from others? 

The Stella Woman is different because she has her own point of view, and is not afraid to reflect it in the way that she wears clothes or the way that she smells. She has a gentle, honest approach, a natural confidence and she’s naturally sexy. She sees life in a modern way, wants to be informed, involved, have a point of view, but also to feel alive and present in the moment.

What is your favourite scent?

My favourite scent is definitely STELLA, and the aspects that have been brought to life in the fragrance: real nature, being outside, certain flowers, the smell of my horse, the smell of my children’s breath in the morning – there are so many smells that we associate with good time and bad times.

Over the years, how has your love of fragrance evolved?

My introduction into fragrances was really as a child, like anyone – the memories, being outside, growing up in an organic farm, having a lot of flowers and seeing that side to nature through my mother as well, British roses. I never walk past a rose without stopping to smell it, and I am very much drawn to the smell even more so than the visual of the flower.

Who do you look to as a beauty icon?

Women inspire me in life…. Real women. I don’t really have a beauty icon, but my Mum had a strong influence on me. She didn’t wear lots for makeup and had a very natural confidence that influenced me a lot. For me being a woman is so inspiring, and I really look at them as starting point for everything that I do.

In what way does fragrance play a role in the life of women?

The role is emotional, and it’s about feeling good about yourself, attracting someone else in your life and making yourself feel attractive in the process, it’s about loving yourself, loving your fragrance, being honest to yourself and choosing the fragrance that is right for you so that you are wearing it and its not wearing you, which is a real reflection of our brand – the effortless nature of the Stella McCartney house.

Is there a definite link between fashion and fragrance?

The two are definitely interlinked, for me the fragrance is a compliment to my fashion collections. The obvious answer is glamour and this idea of a dream coming to life and becoming somebody that is the best part of you wants to be. But for me the connection between fashion and fragrance is more honest and simple than that; it’s a complete reflection of who you are, and things that you love.

You have a longstanding relationship with Mert and Marcus – tell us about your experience collaborating with them on the campaign?

Working with Mert and Marcus was great, we have worked with them on the ad campaign for many years now, and I have known Marcus since I was very young and we were all just moving up into London. We work very well together, and our effortless relationship in a sense is reflected in the end images, they have a great understanding of the STELLA women and how we want to represent her.

Why Lara Stone as the new face of STELLA?

STELLA is a celebration of women, and Lara is the perfect representation. She brings the ideas of the fragrance alive, in an honest way; she is a modern woman who is approachable and sensual at the same time. Working with Lara was great, she has a beautiful way about her.

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