post Anna Pollack Explores the Intimacy of Chosen Family in Stella Lingerie

Is family defined by the DNA in our veins or the love in our hearts? Brooklyn-based director Anna Pollack explores the notion of chosen family – capturing friends as they find inspiration in isolation by pursuing their individual passions and relationships with nature. She directed and shot the series entirely during lockdown, as we adapt novel ways of creating content for Stellavision.

Her relationships are intimately laid bare with comfort and confidence in Stella McCartney Spring Summer 2020 lingerie. Unable to be together physically during lockdown, Pollack’s connection to her family of friends is stripped down to its purest emotional bonds – embodied in these visuals and the letters she shared about each.

In New York City is Kaila, who Anna is in a band with – albeit, they do not have any songs yet. “Kaila is a good friend because we can be productive together but can also do nothing at all,” says Anna.

In Brooklyn, Georgia has been writing, working and reading, and keeping her hands busy sewing, embroidering and weaving. Lockdown has given her a new appreciation for nature: “My favourite thing about where I am is the park across the street. Every day it’s a little bit different – I’ve never paid such close attention to how the trees bloom and the flowers sprout up throughout the springtime.”

In nearby Rockaway Beach, Queens, Claudia is working and studying, while staying connected to nature via the beach and her creativity. She says, “I’ve been painting, reading, riding my bike and looking at things, planting seeds and watching The Wire.”

On the opposite coast, Anna connects with her friend Aimee in Sea Ranch, California, who says, “My favourite thing about where I am is looking out at the ocean, seeing whales spout water and waves crashing against giant rocks.”

From the sea to the pool, model and photographer Yulu is in Yucatan, Mexico, where she has been working remotely with her best friend whilst also baking, writing and meditating on the current situation.

“I brought my Super 8 camera down here and I go on walks sparingly with it, trying to document the emptiness and the surreal serenity here,” Yulu tells Anna. “I’ve been really lucky to be somewhere with sun and with someone who’s like a sister to me.”

Musician Zuri is in Los Angeles cooking, doing yoga and embracing the Californian weather. To stay creative, she says, “Dancing has to be my favourite thing right now, I’m always thinking about it – I actually wake up with new choreography in my head! I also painted an awful self-portrait that looks nothing like me and it’s so funny, I love seeing it.”

In Kingston, Jamaica, filmmaker Rebecca is doing an online course, painting and doing post-production on her latest short – all whilst thriving amongst the tropical sun and trees. She says, “My favourite time is the morning because the day still has all opportunity to be anything you want it to be.”

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