Everything will be OK

Everything will be OK

It can be hard to explain to little ones the challenges our world is facing. Childhood is naturally magical, and we all want to do our best to nurture their carefree curiosity and playfulness today – and keep them excited for a better tomorrow. Especially since we need to stay indoors, we have to think outside the box to fill the time with light-hearted fun.


It is more important than ever to stay connected, so we looked around the world to see how kids of all ages are staying happy and hopeful. In Italy, little ones have the biggest optimism with ‘Tutto Andrà Bene’ – meaning ‘Everything Will Be OK.’

These kids began painting and colouring Tutto Andrà Bene as art in their homes, posters in their windows and off their balconies, and sharing their messages of hope on social media. Inspired by these bold pops of cheer, we made these Everything Will Be OK colouring pages in English and Italian so your little bambinos and bambinas can stay positive and creative while they #StayHome.

Once they have finished colouring in their pages, please post them to Instagram with the hashtags #EverythingWillBeOK and #StellaCommUnity to inspire other families around the world to have hope – and fun!

Kids need to know Everything Will Be OK, and maybe some adults do too. We can only have rainbows after some rain, so let these be a reminder of the brighter days ahead.

Download colouring pages here.

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