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The new Bio-Acetate Eyewear campaign film is a tongue-in-cheek perspective on fossil fuels with a serious sustainable message.

With an irreverent sense of humour that is distinctly Stella, the film follows model Lindsey Wixson as she explores a park full of dinosaur sculptures—playfully reinterpreting the fact that fossil fuels are formed over millions of years from the remains of living organisms.

The new eyewear collection is made without the use of these fossil fuels, replacing harmful Diethyl Phthalate—derived from petroleum—with innovative bio-acetate. Made from responsibly-harvested wood pulp, this is a natural, renewable and biodegradable alternative that is better for our ecosystem and the environment. All frames in this collection, including the logo and cat-eye sunglasses in the film, are composed of over 50% bio-acetate—one of the many steps we are taking to cut down on plastics.

As a signatory of ‘The New Plastics Global Commitment’, launched by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, we have pledged to eliminate all unnecessary and problematic plastics by 2025. By this deadline, we are also committed to ensuring that 100% of plastic can be easily and safely reused, recycled or composted, circulating the plastic produced and making it into new packaging or products.

We will continue to search for alternatives to harmful plastics and pursue new technologies as we work toward a more sustainable future.

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