post The Spirit of Horse Riding with Stella Kids

The new Stella Kids campaign showcases the togetherness and freedom felt by the students of the Contessa Riding School in Hertfordshire, capturing the positive connection between children, animals and nature.

Directed by Ozzie Pullin, the story is a celebration of the students and their horse-riding skills, and how this enriching environment helps kids thrive. Sporty styles from the new collection are featured throughout, showing off their bold graphics and energetic details.

Ozzie’s intimate directorial style captures genuine, sweet moments with this group of incredible kids. We asked Ozzie about his experience with them and his career in film in our Q and A below.

How did you transition from creating homemade skating videos into working for some of the world’s biggest fashion brands and magazines?

After working on the ITV’s Emmerdale through University, I moved to London and ended up buying a DSLR camera with my first pay check, upgrading from my mini DV (which is so hot right now). From then I just offered my services where and when I could, eventually meeting a band called Wolf Alice who weirdly trusted me enough to direct their first music videos. I gradually built myself up with the trusty help of my second family at Partizan, who represent me in music videos and commercials.

Your work often has quite an intimate, hand-held feel while combining both cinematic and documentary-style aesthetics. How would you describe your directorial style?

I like how you’ve described it to be honest. Nailed it. I’d say I like to create honest and emotive depictions of people and moments, while never taking myself too seriously.

Humour seems to be a common element in much of your work. Is that something that comes naturally to you?

If I can make myself laugh I’m happy. I love to find the stupidity in most things when appropriate, so if I can channel that through some of my work I’m onto a winner.

The film is at times an emotive depiction of the freedom, acceptance and togetherness kids feel at the Contessa Riding School. What do you think it is about this environment that helps kids thrive?

I think it’s a lot about individualism as well as being part of a group or team. They all go and play at their own pace with no air of competition. Sports and activities like this are healthy for children and allow to thrive without added pressure and teach them the value and importance of discipline.

What do you like about working with kids?

I love their complete lack of self-control. Kids are very unpredictable and innocent, they say and do what they like, learning in the process. No question is stupid and no answer is wrong. We can learn a lot from them.

What were your favourite moments from the shoot?

To be honest it was all the moments in-between takes when the kids came a little bit more alive, ignoring the production around them. I would nudge the cinematographer (Harry Wheeler) and tell him to pick the camera back up and get involved.

What did you enjoy most about working with the Stella McCartney team?

The Stella team were amazing, they allowed complete collaboration, all opinions felt heard and we’ve made a great film in the process. They were a dream and I hope to work with them again.

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