post Stellafest, a digital festival to stop violence against women

Stellafest kicks off today, a digital festival with an exclusive line-up of diverse artists from our global #StellaCommUnity. Running 9 to 12 July on our Instagram Main Stage and our newly launched TikTok (@StellaMcCartney), performances were shot at home by headliners including Kelis, Taylor Hawkins, Brian Wilson and more. Committed to raising our voices for female empowerment, Stellafest supports the mission to end violence against women – an issue that has worsened during lockdown.

Artists will also be offering exclusive experiences in Stellafest’s charity auction, running 8 to 22 July, produced in partnership with Mastercard and in support of The National Network to End Domestic Violence (NNEDV). Prizes include: a virtual studio visit with Stella McCartney plus a signed one-off garment; a cooking class with singer Kelis; and a signed copy of Alicia Keys’ book “More Myself” alongside a 10-minute discussion with her, with more to be shared shortly via social media. The Stellafest charity auction can be accessed at

Ending violence against women is a pillar of Stella McCartney’s values-led mission, with the global estimate of 1 in 3 women experiencing physical or sexual violence in her lifetime. In the United States, surveys show women of colour, including Native and Black women, report higher rates of physical and sexual violence and experience higher rates of homicide compared to white women.

In addition, survivors of colour may not feel safe reaching out to law enforcement or other public services because of police brutality and the structural racism in systems that fail them. Recently, NNEDV has compiled reports of increased domestic violence during the lockdowns necessitated by COVID-19 across countries in North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Asia. The UN Population Fund additionally projects at least 15 million more cases of domestic violence as a result of COVID-19.

For more information, please visit NNEDV’s resource guide on violence against women during lockdown.

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