post Introducing our new Lunar New Year campaign

In celebration of Lunar New Year, artist Will Sweeney has created this hand-drawn film, taking a psychedelic adventure through a fantastical world.

2019 is the year of the pig in the Chinese calendar and represents prosperity. Inspired by this and our sustainable ethos, the film follows Pearl the pig through a flourishing natural landscape of magical plants and botanicals, because at Stella, we believe that prosperity means a healthy planet.

Pearl represents this as she brings the world to life, transforming a fading landscape into a vivid wonderland of living colour. Retro-futuristic arcade music plays throughout, adding to the other-worldly, playful feel. Pearl, like other women born in the year of the earth pig, is bold, trustworthy and honest, spreading positivity wherever she goes.

Enjoy the film and have a happy and healthy Lunar New Year.

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