Winter 2023 runway show: New vegan and cruelty-free material innovations

Our Winter 2023 runway show celebrated love and cruelty-free fashion. Stella’s lifelong love of horses and animals was at the heart of the collection – honouring the precious relationship between humans and our fellow creatures. The ready-to-wear collection is made with 92% conscious materials, showcased alongside new vegan and cruelty-free material innovations. 

The iconic Falabella and Frayme in MIRUM®

New editions of our iconic Falabella and Frayme bags are crafted from MIRUM® debuted on our Winter 2023 runway. It marks our first-ever handbags to be crafted from this vegan, plastic-free alternative to animal leather, innovated by Natural Fiber Welding (NFW). 

Made from plant-based, all-natural ingredients, the material is the first of its kind to be both 100% recyclable and circular; able to be safely returned to Mother Earth as nutrients at the end of its life. The Falabella handbag also features an iconic recycled brass chain handle, recyclable aluminium body chain, two special re-edition medallions in zero-waste zamak, organic cotton lacing and a lining crafted from recycled polyester, sourced from water bottles.

Learn more about MIRUM®.

The Frayme in UPPEAL™

New for Winter 2023 are crocodile-effect Frayme bags, innovated from UPPEAL™ – a new vegan and cruelty-free alternative to animal leather. Using the waste of apples grown for the food industry in Northern Italy, the material is breathable, durable and versatile with a soft and supple embossed texture.

Runway spotlights included our Frayme tote bag, bucket bag and shoulder bag in UPPEAL™. The Frayme bag series also features an iconic diamond-cut, bi-galvanic aluminium chain strap and handle, a signature logo medallion in zamac, organic cotton lacing and a lining crafted from recycled polyester.

The Frayme Mylo™ in white

Launched at our Summer 2022 runway show, the Frayme Mylo™ will be available in pure white for the first-ever time in our Winter 2023 collection.

The Frayme Mylo™ is handcrafted by Italian artisans who have been trained to work with the eponymous mycelium-based alternative to animal leather. The Frayme bag is a new Stella icon – a bold vegan style re-energising classic brand codes inspired by the iconic Falabella tote including an oversized recyclable aluminium chain strap that runs around the bag as well as a zamac statement medallion.

Learn more about Mylo™.

Winter 2023 also includes GOTS-certified organic cotton and silk, recycled cashmere, RWS wool and regenagri® cotton and denim.