Kids AW21 Launch

Autumn Winter 2021 spells out our Stella Kids A to Z Manifesto 

Returning to the world more curious than ever, young eco-warriors crave new discoveries. Autumn Winter 2021 progresses forward optimistically by celebrating fresh experiences in our direct surroundings. To help communicate this vision, we have launched the Stella Kids A to Z Manifesto – a guiding alphabet of 26 letters spelling out our values, defining who we are and who we hope to grow up to be.

Kids AW21 Launch
Kids AW21 Launch

Inspired by the McCartney A to Z Manifesto for adults, S is for Sustainability – embodied in our most eco-friendly collection ever, made from 85% conscious materials. Comfortable pieces explore the domestic joys found around our homes, including of A is for Animals, C is for Creativity and N is for Nature. 

Kids AW21 Launch
Kids AW21 Launch

For girls, a horticultural happiness of illustrated florals and multicoloured garden motifs blooms alongside hand-drawn poodles and dalmatians. A graphic ‘STELLA LOVES’ print remixes our iconic logo, while paint brushes and coloured pencils become vibrant design details and optimistic phrases. Making back to school easy as A to Z, girls’ backpacks have graphic floral motifs.

Kids AW21 Launch
Kids AW21 Launch

Organic cotton graphic tees are a joy ride of motorcycling dogs for boys, alongside logo lettering and naughty spray-paint cans. Going from the yard to yonder, older boys explore mountain and forest motifs, nature slogans and geometric camouflage in earthy shades. Boys also get camo belt bags and frog-shaped rucksacks.

Kids AW21 Launch
Kids AW21 Launch

Art meets athleticism in AW21 sportswear, made with technical materials and functional details like Airtex inserts, zipped pockets and quick-drying sustainable fabrics. Skiwear offers maximum comfort at home or on the hill fully – created from windproof and waterproof recycled polyester with a fluorocarbon-free coating, eliminating harmful chemicals.


Discover the full Stella Kids A to Z Manifesto below and shop Autumn Winter 2021 in-store and online now.

Kids AW21 Launch

A is for Animals

B is for British

C is for Creativity

D is for Discovery

E is for Eco warriors

F is for Friendship

G is for Grateful

H is for Humour

I is for Inclusivity

J is for Joy

K is for Kindness

L is for Love

M is for Music

N is for Nature

O is for Organic

P is for Playfulness

Q is for Questioning

R is for Rainbows

S is for Sustainability

T is for Timeless

U is for Up!

V is for Vegan

W is for Wonder

X is for Kiss

Y is for Youth

Z is for Zero waste