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Lamb Loves Fox shows us how to do ‘back to school’ in style wearing the latest looks from the Stella McCartney Kids collection! Come along for the adventure with our favourite sibling duo, Lamb and Fox, as we head to their school hall and playground for a hop, skip and jump into the new school year.

Read our Q&A below with mum, Katherine, who photographed the story, for all the details on what happened behind the scenes. Lamb and Fox also tell us about school life and what they’d most like to be when they’re older.

Katherine, tell us a little about the photoshoot and the adventures on set.

Most of the photoshoot took place in the school hall since it is so emblematic of school life. I have found that one’s memories of school halls are especially vivid; the echo, the smell, the ambience, the litany of assemblies, gatherings, performances and rehearsals.

The school hall on this occasion instantly transformed Lamb and Fox into leaping leprechauns. Quite a number of shots, including the one where they are vying for height up the wall, were completely spontaneous. Lamb and Fox had a ball being at the school after hours—like they owned the place. The challenge was to transfer this energy into the frame of the camera while keeping the whole shoot flowing from one shot to the next.

Do you have a favourite shot that stands out in the story?

I know Lamb and Fox like to frolic in the garden, like most children, so the shot in the vegetable garden where Lamb throws herself in the air is especially close to my heart. It is characteristic of life both at home and at school. Lamb and Fox enjoy the pleasures of gardening, from composting and farming worms to growing (and eating) their own food.

What comes to mind when you think of Stella McCartney Kids?

I think of the pure unadulterated joy of childhood, of exploration and discovery, the exhilarating experience of having to find a foothold wherever one happens to be—in one’s home, or home town, or overseas, in a mall or in the bush.

You’re such a strong family unit. What do you love most about working with your children?

Whatever I plan for the Lamb and Fox is always undone by their own wants and desires. I have to come to the set with an open mind and attitude. When working with the children it is this unpredictability and openness to change that I enjoy the most. The creative process must always accommodate their unique personalities and the many ways they choose to express them.

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Lamb and Fox, tell us what you most like about school.

Lamb: That you make lots of friends and you learn things. Because If we don’t learn, we don’t know how to write, cook, do science, do anything in the world.

What would you most like to be when you grow up?

Lamb: I want to be a ballerina. No a singer, singing is my best thing. I want to be a singer.
Fox: Monster truck driver!

Do you have a favourite subject at school? Tell us more.

Lamb: Science. I love science because you get to do experiments and I like to learn about things.
Fox: I like to do experiments at home. It’s fun.

What is your favourite colour and why?

Lamb: I like pink because it’s really bright.
Fox: Dark blue, I like dark colours.

Did you love your Stella Kids outfit?

Lamb: Yeah, I like them. My favourite is the dress with the ladybugs and the handbag because I love ladybugs.
Fox: I love the cat shirt, with the cat in the pocket. Because I like cats.

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