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We head off to create musical mayhem at a school in London’s east-end with photographer Emily Stein in our #StellaKidsBy series, playing to the sound of crashing cymbals and the tap of a glockenspiel.


The vibrancy and energy of the music are in tune with the playful boldness in our kids collection, as Emily sheds light on the kids’ passion for their art at their award-winning music department.

We catch up with Emily to explore more about the shoot – read the interview below.

Tell us about your inspiration behind the shoot.

I wanted to do a shoot that celebrated kids who have a passion for playing music.

You used a school in Hackney in London for the shoot. How did that come about?

The shoot was done with the music department of Queensbridge Primary School – a very creative and inspiring school with an amazingly bonkers head teacher who turns everything the kids do into an adventure.

What kind of students go there?

There is a real mix of kids that go to Queensbridge. The music department is thriving with kids from all different backgrounds – a lot of whom play quite a few instruments. From those whose parents are really privileged to others who are refugees living in a hostel. As one of the kids told me, music brings people together, no matter how different they are.

What is it about music that is so important for kids’ development?

Music is a language for all humans, it gets under your skin and brings out and expresses strong emotions. I am from a family of musicians- my grandfather, my father, my brother, and my husband and his family. Music is something that has always just been there – nourishment for the soul, a way of expressing. When we are young we don’t have the words, so I think music can feel even more important.

The clothes have a playful and fun vibe – did that influence the shoot?

My work really focuses on colour and energy – the Stella Kids clothes have the same spirit so I think it was a great union.

You recently had a baby – tell us about family life.

Yes, I had a baby girl, Alba Valentine, just a week ago. She is cute as hell!

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