post POP Bluebell: the ingredients

Our latest fragrance POP Bluebell celebrates originality, authenticity and the free-spirit of the self-assured Stella woman, with a delicately distinctive scent of the English bluebell.

“As human beings, we’re always changing, and POP is evolving with its wearers. I really love these girls – their spirit, their independence – and wanted to follow them on the next stage of their adventures. In POP Bluebell they’ve lived life and learnt, and become only more beautiful in the process.” – Stella McCartney.

The English bluebell is endangered, so by using innovative bio-mimicry technology we do not have to pick a single flower! This means the scent blossoms from a sustainable technique without compromising the bright fragrance of the bluebell or our environmentally-friendly ethos.

Like the rare bluebell establishing its roots deep in the earth, the POP woman is grounded and at one with her environment. She has grown and evolved.

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