post Our Summer 2020 collection’s journey from plant to product

Our Summer 2020 campaign celebrates the power of plants. This second part was shot at Brunello, our long-time factory partner in Italy, where Stella and the team got to the root of our sustainable production process.

Inside Brunello’s Eco-Friendly Factory

Joined by activist and friend Amber Valetta and model Achenrin Madit, they got a behind-the-scenes look at the process and people behind our plant-based fabrics. Brunello has been our symbiotic factory partner since day one, providing the organic cotton and sustainably-sourced viscose linings used in the Summer 2020 collection – our most sustainable to date, with over 75% of the fabrics used being sustainable.

Brunello are cut from the same plant-based cloth as us; they power their energy efficient factories with solar energy, use LED lights and upgraded their machines to reduce CO2 emissions. The campaign irreverently features the workers in this season’s accessories.

Bags are made of cruelty-free vegan leather alternatives created with a recycled polyester back from plastic waste and coated in over 50% natural, renewable vegetable oil – reducing the need to use virgin petroleum materials. Our eyewear is crafted with bio-acetate coming from wood pulp fibres and is phthalate-free and biodegradable.

Across ready to wear, 93% of the cotton in the Summer 2020 collection is organic and all of the tailoring and knitwear is made from sustainable materials including recycled polyester, sustainable viscose, organic cotton and responsible, traceable wool.

By building a community of  conscientious and contemporary factory partners like Brunello, we are planting the seeds of a better future – together.

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