post New season eyewear gets turbo charged

Debuted on the Summer runway, new Turbo Wrap sunglasses are charging-up our eyewear range with electric colours and bold mirror-reflected lenses. The sport-inspired wraparound style is modernised, translated into a playful and cool Summer style.

Cooling down, the Icy Icy collection demonstrates another playful twist on new season eyewear. Clear and translucent colours look stylish and modern in blush, crystal, sky, lemon, amber and jade.

We remain committed to sustainability and we are excited that the new collection introduces bio-plastics, a material based on renewable raw materials. We also continue to develop and create the most advanced technology and ethically sourced materials such as bio-acetate. Made using fibres from seeds (cotton) and wood (conifers and broadleaves), bio-acetate is phthalate free – making it 100% eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable.

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