post World Water Day

Every minute, the equivalent of a dump truck of plastic enters the ocean and by 2050 it’s estimated there will be more plastic than fish by weight. This World Water Day we are raising awareness about the dangers of ocean plastics and the harm they are doing to the environment.

Last winter our campaign was set against a backdrop of a landfill highlighting overconsumption and waste; this year’s campaign focuses on water. Set against the idyllic beaches of Sardinia the campaign used the crystal waters of the Mediterranean as a backdrop and a vehicle to communicate our message about the importance of protecting our oceans.

This World Water Day we are bringing attention to the growing issue surrounding the destruction of our oceans as a result of harmful ocean plastics. We’re committed to trying to reverse the damage that has been done and we want you to do the same by being mindful of waste and where it ends up.

99% of the biosphere is housed in the oceans and humans have explored less than 5% of them.

We pledge to continue our mission to become a responsible and sustainable brand and we ask that you do your part in protecting our oceans so that others can enjoy it long after we are gone. We ask for people to pledge to reduce their use of “throw away plastic” and opt for re-usable alternatives.

Here are a couple of easy tips on how you can reduce your plastic consumption and plastic waste:


Don’t use straws! Approximately 500 million straws are used in the US each day. Plastic straws are a prime example of the single-use problem so it’s better to avoid this use of plastic by just drinking from the cup.

Other examples of single-use plastic are carrier bags and plastic bottles – in the US 35 billion water bottle are thrown away each year. The easiest way to avoid these single-use plastics is to carry your own reusable bag or stainless steel bottle to refill.

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