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POP by Stella McCartney is the scent for the new generation of Stella girls; independent but strengthened by their togetherness. It is an adventure, a spirit. It is about capturing the moment when you find yourself and come into your own.

Watch Grimes, Lola Leon, Amandla Stenberg and Kenya Kinski-Jones embark on a road of discovery and embrace freedom in the California desert in a film shot by Melina Matsoukas. The POP film celebrates a grounded approach to beauty through a trail-blazing attitude, rooted in authenticity and individuality. It’s a liberation from a one-size-fits-all mould.


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Grimes has this punk rock side to her which is so refreshing to see and in such a genuine way. You really don’t often come across people that give you that feeling where you know she is doing this because she is who she is. X Stella


Amandla who I’m in awe of emerges as this whole other creature. She owns it and is totally alive – that’s what is so contagious. They’re all so different and they’re all coming together in such a beautiful way. X Stella


Kenya really is the group’s nature child and an all-round inspirational girl! Watch how she falls from the sky! X Stella




The way Lola moves and performs.. I’m transfixed. All her studies that she’s doing right now and everything she’s done her whole life is sort of shining in front of me and it is amazing. X Stella

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