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Our philosophy is to go beyond monetary return and consider ourselves responsible for your wellbeing, your family, your health, your time and the community.

Wellbeing at Stella McCartney

We believe that the key to fulfillment and happiness at work is through your wellbeing, and our philosophy on that is simple. We offer a dynamic and inspiring environment, a healthy working life and rewarding and meaningful work.

Our Learning Offer

At Stella McCartney, we offer innovative and relevant learning opportunities that develop our skills, expand our minds and inspire our future leaders.

We recognise talent and a job well done. We believe in self-improvement and that we are all responsible for our own development. To support you on your journey, we provide various learning opportunities that will elevate you personally and professionally.

We listen to the needs of the business and will adapt The Learning Collection to ensure that what is offered connects our purpose and strategy as a brand, with individual goals for development.

Finally, we encourage and create the moments for us all to remain connected with each other and learn from the talented people around us at Stella McCartney.

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