Cutting into the tradition of the English countryside with urban energy, colour and shine.

Jacquard is textured. Embossed on double crepe in rich hues of bark, all white and midnight blue, then stamped symmetrically onto molded architectural forms, and embroidered with fine silk thread to create bold graphic illusions to accentuate shoulders and necklines. Ruffled collars in parchment white organza are inserted in a delicate and playful way.

Damask Jacquards are embroidered and layered on top of each other for evening, paired with the same hues of blue in tuxedos. Gold ruffle metal cuffs and collars, exaggerated double curved stitching and deep folds sharpen and highlight the absence of lapels.

Bold cuts of white pique and Men’s Sea island cottons in Oxford blue play on the tradition of school girl meets school boy worn with low slung pants. Knitwear is hand tufted with a tapestry technique mixing Alpaca, mohair and silk in bark and soft greys with short full skirts kicking out.

Felted Aran stitch knitwear is sculptured in an hourglass shape that mirrors the molded tweed tailoring. A smoke colored dress brushes the waist. A knitted cardigan dress twin set in washed out blue. A high buttoned cardigan skirt suit in pink and dusty rose mélange, accentuated with pockets for a more laid back attitude.

Outerwear is architectural, using bonded tweeds with highlights of double bonded satin, translating traditional Savile Row techniques into a feminine hour glass with ribbed collar details. Bright color blocked knits in Cornflower blue and Black with Jockey inspired vests, worn with mens pants in shocking pinks are paired with giant buckles molded onto shoes.

English tweeds, with added technical stretch, using ergonomical inserts of Egyptian blue and ultra white high shine are sliced and sculpted into body contouring silhouettes. Skirts in shades of bark with a flaired godet create movement and energy. Overtly pointed shoes with bold white tech inserts on a biodegradable platform rubber sole and Betty envelope bags, with zips inserted and edged in bold colors in mock croc, give an urban edge.

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