post POP Bluebell: the story continues

We are excited to launch our new fragrance, POP Bluebell as we embrace individuality, sustainability and a new kind of beauty. In POP Bluebell we go on a deeper, darker journey with the young woman celebrated in the original scent, who is now born of experience and inner strength. The discovery of a reflective mood – your calling card.

The bright, delicate and dewy bloom of the bluebell with a deeply sensual sandalwood base brings a new depth to the original POP’s tuberose. We have used the latest eco-friendly bio-mimicry technology to create the scent as we continue to put sustainability at the heart of everything we do.

“True and lasting friendships is how we grow, creating a deeper sense of intimacy, generosity and courage. The bluebell reflects this perfectly. It’s extremely beautiful, however its principal quality is strength. It gives itself the firmest foundations so that it’s ready to bloom” – Stella McCartney

Our four creative muses return for POP Bluebell – this is about a mindset, a new sophistication embodied by a dynamic chorus of individuals. See their developing friendship.

 Grimes returns to the POP adventure with an evolved sense of self and assertiveness.

 Keeping her roots in POP as the bluebell does deep within the earth, Kenya establishes a firm foundation for the future.

This POP girl enters a new stage in her life – Amandla is confident, real, and ever-evolving. Her individuality and authenticity echo the new deeper tones of our new scent.

Lola Leon embodies the POP girl’s evolution. She is the next generation of the multi-faceted Stella women as they embark on life’s next big adventure.

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