post Our Trashion Bag campaign for World Ocean’s Day

For World Oceans Day we are calling on as many people as possible to get involved in local charity beach and river clean-ups. In support of this initiative, we are giving away our recycled and recyclable Stella Trashion bags at selected stores across the world.

World Oceans Day is a time to remind ourselves just how essential our oceans are and to make a difference – no matter how small – in how we protect them. We think that charity-organised beach and river clean-ups internationally are a great way for communities to come together and collectively act on a shared love of the environment. Plastic pollution in our rivers and oceans has become an increasingly urgent issue: we are hopeful that by raising awareness and inspiring people to get involved in environmental movements, we can begin a positive chain effect that will result in change for the better.

We’ve listed some local clean-ups happening around the world that you can get involved in: click on the links to find out more.

London – Thames21

Milan – Sea Shepherd Italy (Sunday 10th June)

Paris – Sea Shepherd France

Florida (Jacksonville) – Sea Shepherd US (Saturday 9th June)

New York – Sea Shepherd US (Saturday 9th June)

Los Angeles – Sea Shepherd US (Saturday 9th June)

Shanghai – The Rendu Ocean NPO (Saturday 9th June)

Hong Kong – HK clean up (Saturday 9th June)

Tokyo – Umisakura (Sunday 17th June)

We’ve also partnered with our local charity, Thames21, to organise a river clean-up with Stella McCartney employees based in London. This is an exciting initiative in our campaign against water pollution! Thames21 puts thousands of volunteers into action each year to help maintain London’s 400-mile network of waterways. Their goal is to bring neglected rivers and canals back to life to invigorate the communities and wildlife living there. All of the recyclable rubbish we collect will be innovatively recycled into adidas by Stella McCartney product.

We are giving away our recycled and recyclable Stella printed Trashion bags at selected stores internationally to equip anyone wanting to take part in World Oceans Day clean-ups wherever you are. Head to your closest Stella store from the below list to claim your Trashion bag:

UK – London Brompton Cross and London 23 Old Bond Street

Japan – Aoyama, Roppongi (Tokyo) and Yokohama Takashimaya (Kanagawa)

China – Reel Mall (Shanghai), IAPM (Shanghai)

Hong Kong- Harbour City, Sogo, and Landmark store

France – Paris Galerie de Valois and Paris Saint-Honore

Italy – Milan (via Santo Spirito)

USA – NYC SoHo, NYC Madison Avenue, LA, Costa Mesa, Bal Harbour, Las Vegas


Why are the oceans important and why should we care about them? Take a look at some the facts below:


99% of the biosphere is housed in the oceans.

Every second breath we take is generated by the oceans.

More than seven-tenths of Earth’s surface is blue.

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