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This season’s Stella Kids festive campaign captures the love,warmth and joy of being at home for the holidays through the eyes of the Kiriloff family.

We discover warm, happy moments with the Kiriloff girls, who were crowd-pleasers at our last two runway shows when they playfully interviewed some of our celebrity attendees. We asked them and their role-model mother Tiany Kiriloff—entrepreneur, environmental advocate and owner of Belgian lifestyle website Belmodo—about sustainability, family and more.

The shoot gives us a bit of an insight into what the holidays are like with you and your girls. Can you tell us about what this time of year is like for your family?

It’s all about being together and relaxing and just taking care of each other. My husband and I get to spend two full weeks of quality time with the girls.

What makes you all so close?

The fact that we are girls and that we enjoy good laughs and great clothes. We also love to hang out together and spend every free moment in each other’s company.

What is most important to you at this time of year?

Finding the right balance—the end of the year gets super hectic and it’s like a rush to bring the year to a good end. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good work/life balance and I really think it’s important. So I have already started slowing down, I think it’s an important time of the year to take care of yourself and your loved ones and all of this while keeping it super cosy!

You’re known for being an advocate for sustainability. Do you have any advice on how to make the holidays more sustainable?

Consider more veggie meals and definitely go for organic and free range. What about making confetti from gift wrapping? You can reuse it for birthday parties too. You can also choose to wrap your gifts in fabrics. It looks beautiful too. Buy less and local, consider wanting less and when it comes to kids, opt for sustainable toys. Buy a real tree instead of an artificial one. Decorate your tree with wooden or organic cotton ornaments and don’t forget to choose LED lights as these are more energy efficient.

You have a large and loyal following on Instagram. Do you feel responsible for informing them about sustainability and positivity?

I love the fact that I’m capable of spreading these messages via social media and it definitely is my task to make this happen and inform my following about it to help create this stepping stone that will help bring a change.

You and the girls have collaborated with Stella in the past. Is sustainability part of what drew you to the brand?

Stella has always been an example to us of a woman working passionately in fashion but at the same time also a dedicated and loving mommy. The fact that she combines both is super inspirational. Her love for sustainability was the cherry on top and definitely a reason to love her even more.

What Stella items are on your holiday wish list?

I’m totally in love with the Eclypse sneakers, which will have you looking stylish and comfy at the same time… The ideal combo for making things happen in life!

From the girls: Yelena, Eloise and Otilia.

What gifts are on your wish list?

Yelena: A bullet journal as the one I have is full and I think the Stella Kids heart-print boots are pretty rad too!

Eloise: I love all things fluffy… So, bring on that Soft Pink Stella Kids coat!

Otilia: The lady bug dress, ladybugs are our family lucky sign!

What is your favourite thing to eat during the holidays?

All: The Chocolate moelleux that Mummy makes.

What’s your favourite thing about your mum and your sisters?

All: We love the fact that Mummy can look totally different every day and that she bakes the best banana cake you can get. She’s also the best doctor when we feel ill and her wardrobe is dress-up heaven!

Yelena: Can’t wait to have her shoe size!

Eloise: I can’t wait to take over her make-up

Eloise: Well Otilia can be pretty annoying and she always gets her way, but I really have such great laughs with her too as she’s really a bit crazy! We literally have rolling on the floor laughs and that’s what counts in the end.

Yelena: I love the fact that Eloise does hair so well, her braids are the best!

Eloise: Ohh and I love the little necklaces you make! Maybe you should consider giving me one for the holidays.

What does family mean to you?

All: Family means watching TV on a Friday night together and eating chocolate cake, laughing, making memories and feeling warm on the inside.

Eloise: I need Mummy to talk to, as I sometimes feel different than the rest of the world… That’s also family, somebody you can trust and talk about your little crazy thoughts.

What have you enjoyed most about collaborating with us at our shows?

All: We love the Opéra Garnier, it’s sooooo pretty and also the clothes Stella makes are awesome! Oh, and the microphones are wicked… We’ve started a collection and currently have a gold and pink one.

Yelena: I also adore the backstage yummies, like all the juices and little pies!

Eloise: I loved talking to Pat… I’m crazy about make-up although I’m not allowed to wear it yet (bummer).

When do you have the most fun?

All: When on the road with Mummy and Dad. Our last trip together was to South Tyrol [in Italy]. We had loads of pancakes for breakfast, swam a lot with Mum and had this mountain walk for like an hour in the rain, but it was still loads of fun.

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