post For Mary McCartney, art is a welcome distraction

Art has the power to inspire and unite, even when we must be apart. For Stella’s sister and frequent collaborator, photographer Mary McCartney, creativity has become a respite from the current situation and offers a refreshing point of view.

She shot a series of self-portraits for Stellavision during lockdown. This process became a welcome distraction, allowing her to rediscover her home and nature while being inspired by pieces from our Spring and Summer 2020 ready-to-wear collections – our most sustainable yet.

“This story is about taking the time to play dress up in my sister’s clothes and be home, observing from a new perspective,” Mary tells us.

She continues, “Being creative now provides an outlet for some much-needed escapism. Sitting under dad’s piano feels like an inspiring place to be.”

With this new point of view, sentimental and natural objects connect Mary to positive memories of yesterday and reminders of a better tomorrow.

“I like to look up to the sky and daydream as the clouds float by, it helps remind me there is a big universe out there. It also reminds me of when Stella and I were little girls and we used to make shapes out of the clouds – that was one of our favourite games to pass time,” Mary says.

During times like this, it becomes essential to access inspiration through our imaginations. Follow #Stellavision and #StellaCommunity to connect with more artistic content.

Stay creative. Stay home. Stay tuned.

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