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We re-enter a surrealist world for our second collaboration with creative Philippa Price who tells a story of mysterious darkness through her boundary-pushing vision.

The Eye Dreams Of Blue Skies, Slumber, Sterilized Flowers, The Shadow World and Sunshine.


Shot in the desert with a Western spin, “Eclipse” is a moment of shadow and a trigger for outlaws and revenge. Our womenswear and menswear collections come into blurred focus as the tale unfolds, rewinds and trips.

Read the following Q&A with Philippa, discussing the film’s concept and her own creative process.

What does ‘Eclipse’ mean in this context?

An eclipse is defined as “an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer.” In the context of this film, on the most literal level, “The Eclipse” speaks to the idea of one character coming in between and obscuring the light shared by two other characters. But an eclipse is seemingly random. There is no motive behind it. Three celestial bodies existing in their own respective orbits happen to cross paths, causing a moment of absolute darkness. Yet in this moment of darkness, unseen truths are unveiled: while one source of light is concealed, previously invisible lights are revealed.

A total eclipse is a mystery and sublime experience that has perplexed humans for thousands of years. Eclipses have influenced battles, altered thought, inspired art, and to me is a strong symbol of our times.

There is often a lot of hidden symbolism in your work. Why is that and what is it in reference to this work?

There is a simple truth in all of my work. You just have to find it. I don’t want the message to sit right on the surface, because that’s not how our world operates. We live in a time where nothing is actually as it seems. In the media especially, what you see on the surface is not always (in fact usually never) the truth or the whole story. I hope that my work inspires people to look beyond the surface. To open their eyes. To search for the deeper truths.


How did you create the characters and the story?

They came to me pretty naturally, I’m not quite sure how. It kind of just appeared in my mind. On reflection, I definitely think the females represent the different sides of me, and the story must be a result of a recent break up I went through. But that wasn’t a conscious decision.

There is often a surrealist slant to your work. Why are you so drawn to surrealism and the avant-garde?

I guess it’s just how I see the world. Dreams and reality are not separated in my mind. Besides normal already exists; normal has already been done. Screw normal!

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What inspired the Country and Western spin, and what was it like shooting this project?

I’ve always loved westerns and I’ve ridden horses my whole life. When I saw Stella’s show for this new collection in Paris I immediately imagined the outfits in a Western setting. Especially the horse prints!

This project was especially fun. I always love shooting Megan and this time working with my friends Natalie Bergman (from the band Wildbelle), Jean (from the band Ho99o9), and the two dancers Nugget and Vibez was very magical. They are all incredibly talented artists in their own right so it created a very special vibe on set. This was also the first time I’ve put myself into one of my films which was fun – I’m the girl on the horse!


We’d love to know more about the contortionist dancers!

They’re amazing. I met Nugget and Vibez through my good friend and choreographer Nina McNeely. Their dance style is so insanely beautiful but off-putting at the same time – I knew it would fit perfectly into my world. They have a whole lingo for the style of dance they’ve created – their crew is called the Ringmasters from Brooklyn, and they call their style “flexin”. Nugget is actually the creator of the bone-breaking style in flexin. I love how they fit into the western world of this film.

Did the clothes play an important part in the storytelling?

100%! Stella’s clothes are always so inspiring to me. Her collections always tell such a story. I instantly imagine a whole world around the clothes.


The music is particularly evocative – tell us more about your choice.

Music is often where an entire film idea or scene idea begins for me. Researching and finding music is one of my favourite parts of the process. Creating the music for this piece was particularly amazing because I worked with Natalie (who is in the film) to create the perfect score. She is incredibly talented and her voice is amazing so it was very special to add another layer of creativity to the piece with her.


When we watch your films it often feels like an insight into your dreams. When do creative ideas come to you and what makes you feel most inspired?

I wouldn’t say my ideas come to me in my dreams but I definitely pay close attention to them. I try to write down my dreams every morning – they are pretty wild. I love the structure of dreams. When you wake up the dream can seem like total nonsense but while you’re in it everything makes perfect sense.

My best ideas always come to me when I’m driving.

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