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Meet Lotte and Phoebe, they met in a club years ago and have been best friends ever since. With a penchant for colour, playful dressing and an individual eye for style, the pair wear Stella McCartney their way in our new styling series, Double Act.

Hey Guys! Tell us a little about yourselves. Where are you from and what do you do?

Lotte : I am Art Director born in and living in London. I run a party and Zine called MAXILLA which is currently based in West London. I am eternally fascinated by the confusion and euphoria that comes with growing up, focussing across the board on youth culture.

Phoebe: I am an artist and I grew up in East London. I now live between London and New York , I find the city oddly quite calming even though it’s so hectic. I make work that is sensitive to the corporeal experiences we all share and the politics within that.

Do you think as good friends, you have a similar personal style?

Lotte: There are lots of crossovers, the most obvious is colour. The fundamental similarity is a dedication to the look.

Phoebe: hmmm yeah we definitely rub off on each other.

What recent projects are you working on and feeling excited about?

Lotte: Currently I am working on a new issue of my zine MAXILLA, which is out in November. Moving back West, where the parties began feels like coming full circle.. I feel like I am continuing something my parents and their friends started in Ladbroke Grove in the mid 80’s.

Phoebe: I’m working towards a show with Arcadia Missa, an amazing young gallery in London. The work has an equestrian theme so far which I think might be influenced by my work with fashion, the thoroughbred, young lithe racers. I’m interested to see what it turns into.

What was your favourite look from the shoot and why?

Lotte: The floor length navy blue embroidered dress from the Spring 2016 collection!

Phoebe: I love the embroidered suit with the signature Stella platforms in white. It felt very Isaac Hayes in ‘Shaft’

How do you approach styling in your everyday life?

Lotte : If I’m art directing a shoot or setting up a party, I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt. Otherwise everything… prints, colours, zips, stuff I have customised, camo, clips and some cherished hand me downs.

Phoebe: It’s quite ad-hoc! I love a full look but often am working in jeans and a t-shirt.

More is more or less is more – which applies when it comes to your every day style?

Lotte: Either, as long as you are committed.

Phoebe: More, more, more!

Which was your favourite piece from the shoot?

Lotte: Stella’s bomber bomber jacket is the one!! It’s easy to wear, cool and practical.

Phoebe: The flared jeans! Stella’s are the best.

What was it like working together on this shoot?

Lotte: Bliss, fun, giggles, love

Phoebe: So easy, and lovely as always!

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