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War Child

Founded in 1993 by film-makers David Wilson and Bill Leeson, War Child is a charity that helps the most vulnerable and marginalised children in war-stricken areas including Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Uganda. The charity works on issues such as child soldiering, effects of war on children, education and street children. By building strong links within communities in conflict areas, War Child has provided sustainable support for thousands of young people and helped to transform their lives.

Stella’s work with the charity

In June 2014 Stella McCartney joined forces with War Child and launched the international art project Draw Me to Safety. As part of the project, vulnerable children in conflict-stricken countries were asked to create artwork in response to the question ‘What makes you feel safe?’. The task was designed to reveal how young people, that are heavily affected by war, see the world. Stella then created a limited-edition clothing collection based on these designs, with all profits going to the War Child charity. The collection featured two T-shirts with unique prints inspired by the drawings submitted in the Draw Me to Safety project.

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