post Stella McCartney joins Liv Tyler to celebrate Bob Roth’s UK book launch

Stella McCartney joins Liv Tyler to celebrate the UK launch of Bob Roth’s book ‘Strength in Stillness, The Power of Transcendental Meditation’.

Bob Roth reads an excerpt from his book.


 Roth’s new book delves into the benefits of Transcendental Meditation, discussing its repeated mantra technique to encourage calmness, mindfulness and work towards a deeper sense of peace.

“Bob Roth’s Strength in Stillness is so needed right now. It will enhance our lives.” – Stella McCartney

Roth is a world-authority on Transcendental Meditation and has been for nearly 50 years, having learned his technique from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who widely developed the meditative art. Roth’s work for the David Lynch Foundation, of which he is the Executive Director and co-founder, has taken him across the world to bring his teachings to millions of people. Focusing his attention on helping those with AIDS, those in prisons, veteran hospitals, domestic abuse shelters, the homeless and students in low-income urban schools.

The David Lynch Foundation initiative particularly resonates with us because of their work empowering women who are victims of domestic abuse, a cause we’re passionate about supporting and championing through our annual White Ribbon campaign. The David Lynch Women’s Health Initiative started in 2012 offers Transcendental Meditation to heal victims of domestic abuse and human trafficking, partnering with leaders in the field to provide the alternative therapy to those women and children. The teachings of respectfulness and kindness also align with our ethical practices and respect for nature, animals and the environment through our work in sustainability.

Now it’s time to encourage a new generation of mindful thinkers and conscious individuals who can benefit from the teachings of Bob Roth.

*All proceeds from ‘Strength and Stillness’ go to the David Lynch Foundation programme.


Find out more about the David Lynch Foundation here >

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