post Airbrushed: finding luminosity in Pater Sato’s prints

The work of Japanese airbrush artist, Pater Sato, illuminates our menswear collections with striking illustrations printed on button-up shirts and shorts; exploring a new-found fantasy and hedonism.


There is a sense of escapism for the new season as we continue to deconstruct the traditional men’s wardrobe, with Pater Sato’s bold prints offering a cool interpretation of the evolution.

Hidden in the lining, worn on the front of t-shirts and shirts or vividly printed on the back of jackets and coats, the illustrations seduce and conjure a decadent and hedonistic aesthetic. See sensual images of tongues entwined and striking Venus women that also mingle with inspired words such as INTOXICATION, FANTASY and PARADISE.

The luminous illustrations form a playful dichotomy when printed atop vintage stripes inspired by Stella’s father’s wardrobe. Shirts are made from organic cotton meaning less harm to the environment than conventional cotton. Find out more about organic cotton and our sustainable practices here >

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