This Earth Day, Change the History

Every year, over 300 million cows are killed for leather and meat. This comes from animal agriculture, which is responsible for 16.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Join Stella McCartney and PETA by pledging to end the use of leather. 

Every animal has a story, every animal has a soul 

Cows are sensitive, sentient creatures. Actor, animal lover and Stella girl Madelyn Cline is captured alongside Holy Cow, a resident of The Gentle Barn – a vegan animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, California, where we shot our Summer 2023 collection. This was inspired by ‘Change the History’, a social slogan by legendary Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara inviting a new generation of changemakers to rise up and take action.


Holy Cow was rescued from the dairy industry, where she was taken from her mum and stomped on — leaving her immobile. Thanks to The Gentle Barn, she can live out her life to its full potential, happily full of play, love and care from her human and animals friends.

Save animals, save Mother Earth

Every year, over 1 billion animals are killed for leather – including cows, pigs, goats, crocodiles and more. This is big business, with the exotic skins market alone estimated to be worth over $1 billion (PETA). Unfortunately, it comes at a massive cost to the planet.


According to the OECD, global greenhouse gas emissions are expected to rise by 4% over the next decade – with livestock accounting for 80% of that increase. Almost 90% of the world’s animals will lose some of their habitats to agriculture by 2050 (World Economic Forum). The farming of cattle for beef and leather products Is responsible for 80% of the Amazon’s deforested areas (WWF).


Leather tanning requires a host of chemicals that cause severe harm to human and environmental health, including carcinogenic chromium 6. One cow hide has a water footprint of 100,000 litres of water (SLAY film). There is a better way.

Future of Fashion

We have pioneered vegan and cruelty-free alternatives to leather that have an environmental impact up to 10 times less than animal products. These include those made from fungi mycelium, plants, grape and apple waste, bananas, recycled materials and beyond.


If we all pledge to end the use of leather today, we can change the history for tomorrow.