CHANGE THE HISTORY: Meet Madelyn Cline, Summer 2023’s Stella girl

Madelyn Cline is in her stellar – and Stella – era. The animal lover and Outer Banks breakout actor stands for loud conversations about important topics, making her the ideal Stella girl to front our ‘CHANGE THE HISTORY’ Summer 2023 shoot – featuring pieces from our runway show, including the Yoshitomo Nara × Stella McCartney capsule.

Madelyn Cline is captured at The Gentle Barn, a not-for-profit animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, Los Angeles, radiating an infinitely sunny and spirited aura. With credits like Stranger Things (2017), Outer Banks (2020 - present) and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022) under her belt, Cline is a rising star in Hollywood and beyond.

Meet Madelyn Cline

Why do you connect with Stella and her values?

“Like she has said in the past, [Stella] has a seat at the table and she’s using it to show exactly how fashion and our environment can have a harmonious relationship. Stella McCartney as a brand stands for animal welfare and sustainability in fashion. She shows us that if you’re going to sit at that table and rewrite the rules, you might as well do it in a lead-free crystal bralette, a responsibly sourced suit and vegan fishnet heels.”

The Summer 2023 collection is all about changing the history, inspired by the artist Yoshitomo Nara. What do you think of his work and activist message?

“I’m honoured to be part of this campaign that provokes conversations of what ‘CHANGE THE HISTORY’ means.

Yoshitomo Nara’s work, like this collection, has a wonderful provocative duality. Doe-eyed children and powerful, rebellious anti-war messaging. His work touches your inner child, which is something I believe Stella is so deeply in touch with. She is lively, kind, gentle, inspirational, rebellious and she isn’t afraid to have the conversation. It’s a beautifully in-sync collaboration.”

What do you think of the Summer 2023 collection? What was your favourite piece from the shoot?

“I remember going to my fitting for the shoot and sifting through the racks of clothes, trying on look after the look. It felt like we’d never narrow down anything because it was all so cool. I love the duality of this collection: slinky draped gold chain tops, crystal cut-outs and fishnet thigh-high heels paired with oversized blazers and denim.

My favourite piece, hands down, is the bedazzled catsuit.

Summer 2023 celebrates a love for animals. How do you stay connected to nature and her creatures?

“My first job involved working with horses and, to this day, I miss it. It’s one of the things that brought me the most peace in life. I love their personalities and I love learning how to communicate with another being, even though we may not speak the same language. There’s truly nothing like developing a bond with an animal.

This collection is special to me for that very reason and when Stella told me we were shooting with animals at [The Gentle Barn], I was elated! We spent the day loving on animals, feeding them and getting to know them. We are all connected and this collection celebrates a harmonious relationship between fashion, animals and our planet.”

What was your favourite moment from shooting at The Gentle Barn?

“I’ve always wanted to pet a cow, but I never thought I’d get close enough to one. I never knew I needed an emu to teach me how to dance like an emu, or a sheep to headbutt me, or a chicken to perch on my arm! Also, Pornstar Martinis at wrap. It was the best day ever.”

You have had a really big year. How do you keep yourself grounded?

“I’m just trying to soak it all in. I feel very, very blessed to have had the experiences that I’ve had. To work with the artists that I have, to learn from them and to walk with them... I still have this child-like wonder and excitement for it all and I think about why I started. I think that’s the part that keeps me grounded.”

How does what you wear help you to express yourself?

“Style says everything without saying anything at all. Like this collection, I like to play with oversized and strong silhouettes, paired with the shapely and dainty. I like the contrast and, mostly, I like to be comfy. When you put something on and you know you look good, it’s empowering.”

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