A Better Way: The Summer 2024 campaign, starring Cara Delevingne

Our Summer 2024 campaign highlights the waste produced by the fashion industry; shot at the Veolia recycling plant in South London by Harley Weir and starring eco-activist and actor Cara Delevingne.

Since 2000, the number of garments produced annually has doubled – exceeding 100 billion for the first time in 2014, driven by the fast fashion industry. Each year, 92 million tonnes of clothing waste is created – with a truck-full going to landfill or incinerators every second.

While more than 90% of the clothing waste in landfills can be reused or recycled, less than 1% of those materials are repurposed back into garments. Instead, the textiles industry consumes 98 million tonnes of non-renewable resources every year making new pieces.

Showcasing our most sustainable collection to date – crafted from 95% conscious materials – the Summer 2024 campaign spotlights the beauty that can be found in waste with the help of innovation, instilling hopes for a more circular future and sustainable solutions. Selected by Stella for her eco-activist credentials, Cara is a trustee of EcoResolution and founder of Initiative Earth; a charity supporting everything from ecosystem restoration to educational resources.

Meet Cara Delevingne

Tell us about how you got started in equestrian artistry. How did it all begin for you?

If I could say something to Mother Earth, I would say on behalf of all humans, we're sorry, we’re eternally grateful, and we will do better.

If you could make a bag out of anything, what would you make it out of? 

If I could make a bag out of something, I would make it out of issues…No, I’m joking. I would make it out of things that I've quit, like cigarettes and alcohol. That would be cool. All the things that you've given up.  

Why do people need to be more connected to nature? 

People need to get out more into nature. We all do, for our own mental health and sanity - they say ‘take some fresh air’, it's true, we need to get out of our heads and into our body. Connect more with ourselves and with each other. If you're feeling messed up, go find a tree and hug it. Trust me, it works. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

 It means community. It means action. It means working together, not placing blame on each other. It means seeking action, not perfection. And really, it means a future that that younger generations and the future generations deserve, and that the world deserves. 

Stella’s Sustainable Solutions

Constantly innovating ways to reduce waste, Stella McCartney has exclusively used recycled cashmere since 2016 and Econyl® regenerated and recyclable nylon since 2017 – helping to prevent over 10 tonnes materials from entering landfills.  


Inspiring industrial symbiosis, this season we collaborated with Veuve Clicquot; using the grape waste from their regeneratively grown, traceable harvest to craft vegan, cruelty-free bags and accessories. 


We are also exploring textile clothing and take-back schemes that would be run through Stella McCartney retail flagships and launched a parka using BioPure™️ technology – an innovation by Protein Evolution that pairs enzyme-based biological recycling with AI to create a recycled, recyclable polyester. This is supported by SOS Fund, an investment fund empowering the next generation of sustainable innovators cofounded by Stella.

We also integrate recycled materials into our supply chain wherever possible, such as in the handles and linings of the iconic Falabella bag and in deadstock textiles from NONA Source, both of which feature in the Summer 2024 collection. 

Shop the Summer 2024 collection in Stella McCartney boutiques globally, at stellamccartney.com and in selected retailers worldwide now.