SUMMER LOVING: A romantic Lisbon holiday with Maddi Waterhouse 

To celebrate our first-ever Summer Loving capsule, we caught up with Maddi Jean Waterhouse – DJ, photographer and storyteller – to reflect on her favourite summer memories and creative inspirations and talk about her summer plans

Maddi is a tour de force with model, singer-songwriter, DJ and photographer all under her belt at the age of just 23. Following in the footsteps of her model sisters Immy and Suki Waterhouse, Maddi covered Tatler magazine’s teen edition in 2015 and quickly transitioned to becoming a DJ – hosting our Art Basel Miami event in December 2022, then photographer. A next-gen female voice, Maddi shares her summer in Lisbon city adventures, wearing our Summer Loving capsule. 

Meet Maddi Waterhouse 

Our Summer Loving capsule is inspired by a photograph of Stella on a beach holiday as a child, taken by her mother Linda. What is your favourite summertime/beach holiday memory from your own childhood? 

“My favourite summertime memories from my childhood are the long days spent with my siblings in our garden in London. 

We’d spend hours on a professional trampoline that actually stopped being sold commercially – I still don't know where my Mum got it from, but I was very proud of it growing up because it meant you could jump up extra high. On those hot days, we would take the garden hose and play games spraying it up from underneath as our dogs lay in the sun, and Mum would bring us elderflower cordial and cut the grass. I especially loved these days as a child because it was a time when we were all able to be together as a family.” 

What do you love most about summer? 

“I was born in June, so I am a proud summer baby. My favourite thing about summer is the energy it brings with it. After spending the winter restoring and reflecting, once summer arrives it feels as though we’re more inspired, energised, and more connected. I always appreciate being able to spend time just being: enjoying nature and a slower pace of life.” 

Why did you choose Lisbon for your holiday destination? What do you love most about the city? 

“I lived in Spain last year, which I adored, but I had never been to Lisbon or explored Portugal. I had a feeling it would be very inspiring and exciting, so I booked a one-way ticket to see what it had in store. 

What I love the most about Lisbon is that it is full of character, bustling with culture and life. Combined with the incredible light that drenches the city, I haven’t stopped shooting since I arrived. I love being able to take the train to smaller villages too. As a girl travelling on her own, I also feel safe here, which is really important.” 

How does travel help to refresh and recharge you as an artist? 

“Beyond anything else, travel is the most recharging for me! I am fascinated by cultures, so being able to discover new parts of the world opens up a whole new chapter, as well as helping to reveal new sides to myself. Meeting and talking to new people, seeing different ways of life... I am grateful to have a new experience every day. My favourite thing to do is simply walk around town and be drawn down side streets to uncover the most incredible scene – every street is a new inspiration.” 

Our Summer Loving capsule romanticises summertime nostalgia on resort staples. What was your favourite piece and why? 

“My favourite piece is definitely the Logo Raffia Bucket Hat. It goes with any outfit and complements everything, as well as protecting our precious skin from the sun – I found myself wearing it every day!” 

Whose work inspires you as a photographer?

“I have been hugely inspired by Linda McCartney’s work ever since I first discovered her ‘The Polaroid Diaries’ photo book in a bookshop in LA. Since then, I’ve been inspired – not only creatively in how she captured intimate moments beautifully – but also how she used photography as a means of philanthropy, using her art to contribute to society. As an artist, I believe this is so important and something I strive to do in my career.”  

What do you think of Stella McCartney – both as a person and a brand pioneering conscious luxury? 

“Stella McCartney’s ethos and dedication from the very start of her career is something I deeply respect, and I feel honoured to collaborate with her! It’s incredible and beautiful to see all that Linda achieved and Stella following with just as much force – they are pioneers and hugely inspiring women.” 

Looking ahead to this summer, what do you have planned? Are there any Summer Loving pieces you will be wearing on your adventures? 

“I am travelling to Cuba for the first time to film a short documentary I am working on with my best friend, looking into how music has shaped identity and citizenship for women after The Special Period. It will be my biggest project yet and we are so excited. My Logo Raffia Basket Bag has doubled as an excellent camera bag here in Lisbon, so I think it’ll stick with me all summer! "