Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn artist profile

Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn artist profile

Stella Shared 3’s creative collective includes Antwerp-based graphic artist Tom Tosseyn. Over the last 15 years, he has developed a cult following for his concept-led work exploring of elevated sub-cultures. His practice fuses signature graphic detailing with innovative design to create statement visuals across logos, typography and total concepts in the realms of art, fashion and music.

For our unisex capsule, he reinterprets the Stella logo – transforming the S into both a lightning bolt and a yin yang, while also extrapolating it into a series of alliterations that represent our collective values across conscious luxury pieces like organic cotton jumpers, joggers and accessories. Committed to elevating and amplifying next-gen voices, we connected with Tom Tosseyn to discuss his vision for Stella Shared 3.

Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn

How did you select the “S” words and what do they represent to you?

TT: This project woke up the activist in me. I like that Stella stands for something, which got me thinking: “What message do I want to send into the world?” I began writing things down and ended up with a mix of words. First at random, whatever popped in my head, but also things that I relate to or are important to me. It ended up being a mix of words starting with the letter S that feel positive and hopeful — they don’t just represent sustainability, but also a group of people sharing the same values and goals.

How would you describe your artistic practice?

TT: It all starts with a good concept. I like to dig deep and spend a lot of time and effort on this part of the creative process. It’s the most important part, the rest is only execution. I’ve never been a fan of decorative art without depth, it must move me in an emotional way. I need to be able to relate.

What inspires your art?

TT: My personal experiences as a teenager growing up in the 80s inspire me – discovering the world, which was a tougher job back then without the internet. Walking and looking around, discovering things and places first in the world close to you and later in other towns, cities and countries. Being curious is one of the things that drives me; there is always something that can inspire me out there, wherever that is. 

Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn
Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn

What subcultures do you relate to?

TT: Subcultures were more alive when I was young – more diverse, more extreme, more visible in the streets. I was a new wave goth kid. Later, in the mid 90s, I discovered techno, jungle, drum and bass, and digital hardcore. I was lucky being young when all these music genres originated; the underground club scene always has been my comfort zone. 

What about the youth of today inspires you?

TT: I find it interesting to see how they live this in digital world in their mobile phones. I’m very curious to see where this will lead to...

What made you want to be part of Stella Shared 3?

TT: Shared values and goals.

Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn
Stella Shared 3: Tom Tosseyn

Have you gained any skills or knowledge as a result of the collaboration? If so, what?

TT: I learned more about the Stella brand, the mission, the goals. It also made me become more aware and conscious of my own acts. For instance, it made me stop eating fish.

What do you think about Stella McCartney?

TT: Doing what she does made me think about my own actions, values and goals – and I have already changed a few things within my control. That’s big. Imagine if more influential people with similar power took action and did things for the greater good?

What do you think our industry –and the world– must do in order to protect the planet for the next generation? 

TT: There is so much to be done! Not only does the industry need to change, but we also need to end consumerism. Better education and finding effective ways to make people more aware in general would be a good start.

What message do you want to communicate to our global platform?

TT: Stay true, do what you love.

concept by @tomtosseyn

photos @burpphoto