Pride 2023

A Stellabration of all for Pride Month 2023 

Ahead of Pride Month 2023, we share our platform with next-gen stylists Mina Galan and Morena Salas – giving them complete creative control to tell their stories.  

We celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community this Pride Month, and always. We stand with all Stella women at a time when the trans community needs our support most. 


Mina and Morena style themselves in Summer 2023 and denim pieces they selected, shot at our 23 Old Bond Street flagship in London. They were introduced to Stella there at our last legendary Christmas party, and there was an immediate synergy and chemistry. After this meeting, Stella offered her platform to Mina and Morena for Pride Month – entrusting them with complete creative control and confidence.

The shoot talent included makeup artist Fey Carlaa and hair stylist Tommy Stayton. 

Interview with Mina Galan and Morena Salas 


What does the word "Pride" mean to you?  

MINA: Pride is a mixed feeling. I believe it’s needed, however brands at this time of the year tend to use and capitalise on it in a disingenuous way. That’s why it’s important to have campaigns like this one – where queer people are not only in front of the camera, but also behind the scenes having full control in how we want to tell our story. Now that’s something to be proud of.   


MORENA: It means community and revolution.  


What is the back story behind your relationship to each other?  

MINA: Morena and I met a while ago, and for me it was love at first sight. I never really had other trans girls as close friends, so it was definitely needed to be together in our journey.  


MORENA: Mina and I we met a year ago in a party before I transitioned, in a moment when I was realising my identity and gender expression.

We didn’t actually hang out until eight months later; we bumped into each other at another party, and I told her I was going to start my hormone replacement therapy. That unified us. Mina has been with me since the beginning of my transition and I’m so glad to have had her support; she pushed me to express my femininity as I really wanted to.

What is the story behind how you met Stella at the Christmas party?   

MINA: Stella has such people person energy. She is such an icon, but she is so humble and loves to have a good laugh just like I do. When she said she wanted to work together again for this year’s Pride campaign, I couldn’t have been happier.  


MORENA: We met Stella back in December at a fun party at the Old Bond Street store. Stella is pure elegance and fierceness – she has such a sexy attitude and is so funny. She really made me laugh with all her stories and fun facts. It was a night to remember.   


What was your inspiration behind how you styled the Stella shoot?   

MINA: Morena and I have history. We are sisters and we have very similar styles, but we are also quite different. It's hard to explain. We understand each other when it comes to style, but we end up dressing differently to each other. However, it does make sense because there’s a common ground of understanding style that we share. And I think it is beautiful to have that and having the opportunity to work together along those ideas.  


MORENA: We were looking to capture the connection of our friendship. We love to get dolled up and take pictures of each other every time we go out, so we thought the shoot could be an intimate moment to portray ourselves dressing up with the fab Stella looks and taking pictures of each other around the beautiful 23 Old Bond Street store. The pieces scream our names; we would literally wear that every time we would go out.

Fashion is an external expression of our internal narratives and identities. How does fashion help you to express yourself?   

MINA: When it comes to my transition, fashion has helped in shaping my identity as a trans woman. Fashion is language – it’s the first statement we communicate before we open our mouths and talk. When you first start transitioning, clothes play such a big part of it.  


MORENA: Fashion is the path that helped me express my gender identity and play with my femininity, but mainly to communicate who I truly am.   


Does fashion need to move past the gender binary?  

MINA: I think fashion has moved beyond the gender norms and binaries. At the end of the day, it is up to each individual whether they want to break the binary or not. And both are valid.  


MORENA: I think fashion has already moved past the gender binary; we are pushing so much past the binary boundaries that at some point they will disappear. Everyone should be able to dress free of gender norms.  

How can the fashion industry be more inclusive of the trans and queer communities?  

MINA: They know what they have to do. Take notes from Stella.  


MORENA: The best way to be inclusive is to give people voices and create safe spaces where everyone can express themselves. Most important is to give us positions of responsibility within the fashion industry. Hire us!   


If you could tell the Stella community one thing, what would it be?  

MINA: Trans rights.  


MORENA: You should transition.