HORSE POWER: The Winter 2023 campaign, starring Kendall Jenner

Our Winter 2023 campaign stars Kendall Jenner, shot by Harley Weir in the Camargue Salt Flats of France amongst the region’s famed white ponies – provided by horse whisperer Jean-François Pignon, a connective thread to the collection’s runway presentation. 

Winter 2023 celebrates an inherent love and deep respect for animals, harnessing the extraordinary power of horses. This ‘Horse Power’ theme runs throughout every element of our collection, bringing to light the transformational connections between humans and horses, through the lenses of Stella’s personal relationships and family, art and history, and into the modern day. 

I knew this season’s Stella girl had to love horses as much as I do. Kendall has been riding since she was a kid, just like me, and has her own ranch; you can see how at ease she is around these sensitive creatures, and them with her. Capturing this connection brings Horse Power to life, both through the fashion and the vision.

Stella McCartney

The power of horses 

Stella and Kendall share a lifelong love of horses – both have been equestrians since childhood, and own ranches where they raise their horses. Kendall’s palpable ease and calm when surrounded by horses is matched by Jean-François Pignon’s steeds that are native to and living in the South of France. 

This harmony reflects the collection’s powerful equestrian essence. Winter 2023 rides into a story of healing bonds and shared kinship, from braided rope details inspired by bridle reins to quilting referencing horse blankets to jacquards woven in Appaloosa prints, referencing an American breed that Stella’s family raised during her childhood. 

Mothers, sisters and daughters 

As well as a love for animals, Stella and Kendall also share a love of family. Our Winter 2023 collection is a celebration of the relationships between mothers, sisters and daughters, featuring, for the first time, prints crafted using original horse photography by Linda McCartney and Mary McCartney. 


Vegan material innovations 

This season, new material innovations include vegan crocodile-effect Frayme and S-Wave bags crafted from apple waste, while riding boots are made using grape waste. The collection also features accessories crafted from fungi mycelium and MIRUM® – a cruelty-free alternative to animal leather made using plants, not plastic. It is fully natural and circular, able to be recycled into new materials or returned to Mother Earth as nutrients. 

The ready-to-wear collection is crafted from 92% conscious materials, making it the Stella McCartney’s most responsible winter offering to date. Discover the collection in-store and online now.