Savian: The first 100% plant-based, plastic-free fur alternative 

Savian have pioneered a highly innovative, next-generation alternative to animal fur. Made in Italy by combining natural materials, heritage craftsmanship and biotechnology, the material is 100% plant based, plastic free and GMO free​. Stella McCartney has never used animal fur since day one. 

Over 100 million animals die annually for the fur industry – mostly in farms, though some creatures are caught in the wild using traps and suffer for days. Synthetic fur alternatives are no better for our planet; shedding microplastics with every wash, they fill water and air streams that are ingested by both wildlife and humans. 


Savian is a plant-based, vegan and biodegradable alternative to animal and synthetic furs sourced from GMO-free vegetal inputs such as nettle, hemp and flax – approximately 50% of which can be sourced from agricultural waste streams. Based on current scaling calculations, creating Savian produces approximately 40-90% less CO2 compared to high-quality synthetic fur alternatives.

The cruelty behind animal fur 

Looking at a fur coat in a glossy magazine, you might not realise the terribly sad story behind it. Often, fur farmers will use the cheapest and cruellest methods of ‘harvesting’ fur available. Savian’s mission is to create a true partnership with nature through their material: one 100% plant-based, where there is only love and respect for both animals and nature.  


Is faux fur sustainable?  

Some fur alternatives are made from plastic. Although this may make them cruelty free, it doesn't necessarily make them sustainable due to the immense impact plastics have on our planet. Savian’s plant-based fur is produced from natural materials combined with sustainable biotechnology – all their raw materials, including dyes, are both plant-based and natural. 

How does Savian replicate fur? 

Blending advanced technology with a mixture of cellulose, hemp cellulose and linen, Savian aims to create an emotional connection to our heritage – at the same level that any animal product does. By getting back to our plant-based roots, Savian intends to help its wearer feel more haptically and emotionally connected to nature. 

Through methods inspired by the age-old cycle of creation and transformation, Savian has revolutionised fur alternatives to provide the heritage of a feeling, enhanced by biotechnology.