We already know that the world is over-reliant on plastics and synthetics. Around 70 million barrels of oil are used a year to produce synthetic materials for clothes1. We are proud to partner with NFW to develop MIRUM®, an entirely plastic-, fossil fuel- and water-free alternative to animal leather. 

Historically, many leather alternatives are crafted from fossil fuel-derived synthetics. Non-biodegradable and reliant on fossil fuels extracted from below the Earth’s surface, these carbon-intensive synthetic materials negatively impact Mother Earth. 

Continuing our mission to develop material innovations that are not only cruelty-free, but that positively impact the environment, our MIRUM® fabric is the first-known scalable, 100% plastic-free alternative to animal leather. 

As change agents and activists, we are forging a new way forward with MIRUM® and our material innovations. 

Our approach to cruelty-free alternatives 

Stella McCartney has always looked to the future, protecting Mother Earth, our fellow creatures and our communities. We never source animal skins for leather due to its related negative environmental impact including biodiversity loss, land degradation and inhumane treatment of animals. 

We source the majority of our synthetics from recycled sources and are committed to source from 100% recycled sources by 2025. 

Guided by our bold values, we continuously invest in and develop new and innovative leather alternatives, like MIRUM®, that meet our environmental, social and luxury quality standards. For example, our Frayme Mylo™ is the world’s first-ever luxury bag crafted from mycelium, the root-like structures of fungi. This plant-based alternative to animal leather uses mycelium grown in a lab by our long-term partners, Bolt Threads. 

Plants, Not Plastic® 


About MIRUM® 

The Stella McCartney SOS Fund has invested in the parent company NFW to develop MIRUM®. By partnering with NFW to create two MIRUM® vegan alternatives to animal leather, we want to inspire others in the fashion industry to encourage responsible production and consumption. 

Produced in Illinois, this innovative alternative to animal leather is consciously crafted from a combination of virgin natural materials and upcycled agricultural side-streams, remaining entirely plastic-, fossil fuel- and water-free alternative to animal leather. 

MIRUM Leather
MIRUM Leather

The craftsmanship of MIRUM® prioritises the local communities and environments by only utilising natural, local ingredients, in turn enhancing local biodiversity and regenerating soil systems. 

Durable and responsibly made, MIRUM® has an extremely low carbon footprint – significantly lower than conventional leather and its synthetic alternatives. The nutrients used in MIRUM® are 100% plant-based and are naturally abundant and renewable. It requires no tanning and is derived from all-natural inputs. 

We will be using MIRUM® at Stella McCartney in two ways: 

MIRUM® with organic cotton backing 

The water-free and plastic-free MIRUM® will be layered on an organic cotton backing and is USDA-certified bio-based and plastic-free. Crafted with plant-based resin, this MIRUM® is incredibly durable and is water-resistant. We will be able to verify our impacts through robust certification and primary data. 


MIRUM® with C4 backing (California Cotton & Climate Coalition) 

This MIRUM® is crafted with a Californian regenerative cotton backing, traceable to farm level and supported by the California Cotton & Climate Coalition. Entirely bio-based, plastic-free and regenerative, the regenerative cotton used consumes less water than industrial methods. It goes a step beyond organic cotton’s benefits by restoring critical habitats on Mother Earth, benefitting biodiversity and improving soil health. 

The California Cotton & Climate Coalition is composed of Californian farmers, brands, university researchers and technical professionals who work together to make regenerative fibres and nature-positive materials a reality. 


Which of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals does MIRUM® support? 

  • 6. Clean Water and Sanitation 
  • 8. Decent Work and Economic Growth 
  • 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure 
  • 12. Responsible Consumption and Production 
  • 14 Life Below Water 
MIRUM Leather

Our regenerative projects 

We have been working on regenerative projects since 2019. Together with SOKTAS, a family-owned cotton producer based in Turkey, we are supporting their transition toward regenerative agricultural practices and introducing regenerative fibres to our collections. The production of this regenerative cotton has measurable benefits on ecosystem health and local communities. 

Discover more about our regenerative sourcing