Q&A with Stella


Why was it important for you to create a kids line?

I’ve wanted to do kids since I’ve had children and probably even a little before. I felt there was a gap in the market and thought that with kids wear it needs to be accessible and realistic on the price points, but still have a timelessness and quality.

How do you best describe a Stella McCartney Kid?

I think the Stella McCartney kids have their own sense of themselves. I think it’s important that they’re free and full of energy and life.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I am inspired by various different things. I look at my upbringing and memories as a child and incorporate that to some of the pieces. I also look at the work we are doing for the ready-to-wear collection and try to translate some elements into the kids range that would make sense.  And of course most of all, I am inspired by kids themselves and try to sometimes get them involved in the process.

What do you believe is important when designing for kids?

For me, it’s important to have timeless, good quality pieces that will last forever and can be passed down to future generations.

Tell us about the pieces for Meat Free Monday?

We’ve designed pieces in the collection to help raise awareness of Meat Free Monday, an initiative I launched with my father and sister in 2009. MFM is something anyone can do; it’s a small effort with a huge impact.
For more information about the Meat Free Monday initiative please visit www.meatfreemondays.com

What are key pieces kids should have in their wardrobe?

Pieces that you can layer well and that don’t bulk up, so that they can move freely, run, jump, roll around and essentially be kids. You also need pieces that allow them to have their own personality; pieces that they themselves are drawn to while still maintaining quality and avoiding being too overly designed and overworked.

Tell us a bit more about your inspiration for the autumn winter collection

For me, the main thing is that the collection is inspired by kids and  by parents and what you need out of the wardrobe. So it really is about trying to balance those two things. On the kid’s side, it’s a really alive collection, full of life and energy. All the themes and individual stories are whimsical and have attitude. It’s really playful.

What are the key features of the collection for you?

For girls it’s a little bit tom-boyish; not too cute and not too perfect and is bold and full of colour which I think is really important with kid’s clothes. For the boys it can be quite smart and a little bit more dressy. There are also pieces that come very much from the ready to wear collection, shrinking down some of the very iconic Stella pieces like the appliqué bows and chunky knitwear.

The collection has a lovely dress up attitude to it. I think kids want to feel like they can have a bit of fun when they are wearing clothes and I try to embrace that.