Stella McCartney + Sorayama: In conversation with Hajime Sorayama 

Celebrated Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama’s work is the focal point for the ever-evolving fusion between sex and technology. Long admired by Stella, he was the first illustrator to imagine robots as sexual objects of desire – taking the cold, science-fiction idea of androids and giving it warm, human-like and inherently sensual qualities. As a result, the “Sexy Robot” became his signature work.  

Taking inhuman, futuristic entities and intertwining it with his view of women as “goddesses”, he produces curvy, lustful, feminine figures cast in a platinum sheen, standing to replace impossible beauty standards with a robotic, chromatic universe. Our new Stella McCartney + Sorayama capsule sees them rendered in superrealistic detail. 

The limited-edition Stella McCartney + Sorayama unisex capsule is wardrobe of luxurious, futuristic and provocative staples, all made with the highest standards of both craftsmanship and sustainability. Read our interview with Hajime Sorayama below. 

Meet Sorayama 

When and how did you meet Stella McCartney?  

“I don’t remember exactly when, but I think it was about 20 years ago – Stella came to my studio for the first time. She told me that my book “Sexy Robot” was one of the textbooks she studied in school, and she was a fan of my work. So, I invited her to my studio… but it was so chaotic, and that scared her!” 

What made you want to collaborate with Stella, and what do you love about her as a person? 

“I’ve known Stella for a long time and there had always been talks about collaboration, so it finally came to life. What do I like about her? Is it ok to say she is a woman? I’m just kidding. I sincerely have the utmost love and respect for her, both personally and professionally.”

What is the meaning behind the phrase 'Platinum Dream'? 

“I have a fetish for metal, so this phrase represents my admiration and love for that. It’s also a homage to Marilyn Monroe, who’s known as the platinum blonde.” 



What significance do strawberries have in your work? 

“They are delicious and – best of all – erotic. People all over the world, regardless of adults, children or race, love strawberries, right?” 



After decades of creation, how do you stay inspired as an artist? 

“I never run out of things I want to draw, even if I am not working on anything in particular. Drawing is the only thing I can do constantly; I want to stay in my studio and draw all the time.” 

What is your favourite piece in the collection? 

“I personally love the shoes, but I can’t wear women’s shoes…so I’m thinking the bomber jacket would suit me well.” 



What message does this collaboration convey to you? 

“Love and peace. Stop war now, idiots!”