Earth day

For us, every day is Earth Day

Dear Stella friends,

We celebrate Earth Day’s 50th anniversary at a time when our planet faces an unprecedented challenge. While the current situation is heartbreaking, there is also hope – silver linings like more community spirit and compassion to not only fight the pandemic, but to save Mother Earth.

Earth day

We are seeing cleaner air and the return of wildlife thanks to reduced human activity. We have been given a second chance to address our impact, learn from this moment of pause and take action.

With fewer cars on the road, planes in the sky and industry standing still, carbon emission levels may see their steepest fall since the Second World War. In certain parts of India, the cleaner air has allowed people to see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years. There has additionally been a 58% drop in daily carbon emissions across the European Union, 70% less road traffic in the UK and a 40% reduction in nitrogen dioxide in London, a common air pollutant from car exhausts.

As human activity has decreased, there has been an increase in animal liveliness – particularly from those normally too shy to share spaces with us. With less people on beaches, adding harmful plastics to the waters or fishing, rare sea turtles from Thailand to Florida have been flourishing and producing some of the largest nests in recent memory. Now is a time to rethink how we can more respectfully cohabitate with our fellow creatures.

However, none of these positive changes are permanent and life will start again. Instead of returning to the status quo, this can be an opportunity to grow. There is a reality where prosperity does not come at the cost of the planet.

By embracing sustainable innovation, we can and must decarbonise our operations, support regenerative agriculture, restore our forests and switch to renewable energy sources. We must use less new and reuse the old to protect the climate forever. We must come together to come out better – taking this moment of pause to learn how we can be kinder and more mindful of the world that surrounds us.

Seeing global carbon emissions start to drop and wildlife rebounding has been a rallying cry for us and hope it inspires you too. Join us and let’s continue to take action to protect Mother Earth – together.


With love,

Stella and the team

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