PURE.TECH: Cleaning the air we breathe.  

PURE.TECH is committed to delivering a zero-carbon emission society, driven by its material technology.  


Human activities like deforestation, farming, and burning of fossil fuels have increased greenhouse gases in the atmosphere leading to long-term global warming. Global CO2 emissions from energy combustion and industrial processes grew by 0.9% in 2022, reaching an all-time high of 36.8 billion tonnes. The impacts of climate change on CO2 concentration are already noticeable with weather pattern changes and altering the natural habitat of our planet such soil carbon storage meaning erosion and decline in organic matter. 

PURE.TECH’s advanced material technology leverages photocatalysis and catalysis processes to transform almost any surface into a carbon negative force. In doing so, harmful pollutants such CO2, VOCs and Nox are removed from the air and converted into safe, inherited particles. Our ‘Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Market: Innovating Tomorrow’s Solutions’ exhibit at COP28 was 3D printed using PURE.TECH materials. 

So, how does is it work?  

PURE.TECH is an application that absorbs greenhouse gases like CO2, nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds, converting them into minerals and cleaning the air we breathe. 

Reshaping climate targets by creating affordable solutions, PURE.TECH not only provides products with a high impact capacity but at an affordable, competitive and accessible price. 

What can absorb CO2? 

Everything, according to PURE.TECH. The technology can be applied to any kind of surface or material; textiles, paint, resins, wood, plastic, and paper included, meaning new families of environmentally friendly, greenhouse gas-neutralising products can be created infinitely. PURE.TECH has also developed the material for our Sustainable Market at COP28, which has the capacity to absorb CO2. 

Is PURE.TECH a sustainable commodity?  

PURE.TECH uses existing industrial production supply chains and does not add any equipment, increase time or alter any of the properties of the finished product prior to PURE.TECH being introduced. The natural mineral compounds within PURE.TECH are ubiquitous on the surface of our planet – this ensures an unlimited material supply, even at an industrial level. 

Every action counts in transitioning towards sustainable practices that reduces our carbon footprint and avoid the catastrophic heat tipping point of 2Cº. Industries can adopt PURE.TECH's sustainable solutions to reduce their negative impact, slow down environmental degradation and secure our planet's future.